Want to know the best self-publishing services for you if you want to publish your book in 2023?


Let me explain…


Today, I’d like to share what to search for on Google if you want the best self-publishing service that suits YOUR needs.


First of all, let me explain what your self-publishing options are.


1. You can self-publish your book yourself. After all, ‘self-publishing’ means you don’t need a traditional publishing house or a literary agent to give you the thumbs-up.

You can take care of the whole process by learning all the necessary skills, namely: typesetting (for print), formatting (for Kindle/ebook), designing your book cover, writing your blurb, researching keywords, categories and pricing, and researching which print-on-demand / self-publishing platform best suits your needs – here are a few to consider



Self Publishing | Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing  – this is my go-to choice. Find out why publishing on Amazon is a great idea.


IngramSpark: Self-Publishing Book Company | Print & Distribute


Online Self-Publishing Book & Ebook Company | Lulu


Self-Publishing, Book Printing & Distribution Company | BookBaby





2. You can hire a professional typesetter or ebook formatter or graphic designer to take care of the parts you don’t want to do.



3. You can work with a self-publishing coach 1-2-1 to guide you through the process.



4. Or you can hire someone like me to take care of the entire publication process for you (if Amazon KDP is your preferred platform to start with).



If you want to learn what’s involved when it comes to self-publishing on Amazon, check out my book – Publish Your Book on Kindle: From Manuscript to published on Amazon the Simple Step-by-Step Guide


You can grab my free Self-Publishing Checklist here too >>> Self-Publishing on Amazon: The FREE Checklist — Michelle Emerson ¦ Self-Publishing Services UK







If the prospect of dealing with every step in the self-publication process brings you out in hives, then let me explain how I help my authors and what you should consider before choosing who you want to work with.




Here are 7 ways I support my first-time authors through the publication process.



Publishing your book on Amazon has a clearly defined, step-by-step process. But making it personal, enjoyable and exciting is important too. You’re not a robot. Your book isn’t a deadline slot in an ambitious schedule. And if you’re researching the best self-publishing solutions (FOR YOU), then you’ll need to bear a few things in mind.


You’ll need to decide whether:

  1. you want to work with a publishing company who sends you updates, make decisions for you and sends you the result OR
  2. you want to be an integral part of the publishing journey and be proud of your book.




Why hire me, Michelle Emerson, to publish your book on Kindle?

Because you’ll get the full personal publishing experience. No smoke and mirrors. No assigning you a ‘dedicated publishing project manager’ to handle everything. No conveyor belt. Just me, my 25 years of experience in the publishing industry and an impressive track record. (Click here to see my authors’ hall of fame.)  Here’s the deal.






Self-Publishing Solutions for Overwhelmed, First-Time Authors






I offer an all-inclusive self-publishing solution for authors who want to publish on Amazon KDP.


 My Whole Shebang (the full self-publishing and book launch marketing) package offers:

  • top-notch proofreading (so you avoid those 1*-typo-related reviews) 
  • a high-quality interior book design for Kindle and paperback/print (so it looks as gorgeous as it does professional)
  • book cover design (for Kindle and print – back, cover and spine)
  • blurb and Amazon description writing (to compel those readers to press the buy now button)
  • keyword, category and pricing research (so your book sits in the right genre/category and price bracket)
  • setting up your publishing account on your behalf (or working with you 1-2-1 so you can do this yourself)
  • uploading everything to your publishing account and dealing with any tweaks KDP require
  • submitting the Kindle ebook and paperbacks to KDP (so you know nothing’s been missed)
  • book launch marketing (to kickstart your author adventure).




*Check out The Whole Shebang package here*




When I work with a first-time author, I also go way more in-depth than just the practicalities of creating and publishing a first-class, professional-looking book on Amazon. 


Here are seven ways I help my first-time authors during their self-publishing adventure.



#1 My authors ask as many publishing-related questions as they like.

As with anything new, there are always questions. That’s why I ensure my authors know they can ask questions throughout the process and build up their knowledge for the future. Not only do they enjoy the painless way everything is taken care of, but they also learn along the way, without having to make their own mistakes.



#2 Unlimited writing, book creating and self-publishing advice.

I’ve helped hundreds of authors to self-publish on Amazon and so have built up a bank of knowledge and understanding about the self-publishing process. So when an author asks for advice about, say, the sizing of the book, or if it’s worth adding other sections, images or external links to optimise the book’s sales potential, for example, I’ll share my thoughts.



# 3 Instil them with confidence.

Very often, I am the first person who reads an author’s book. While this is exciting for me, it’s often nerve-wracking for my authors. As writers, their furtive imaginations will conjure up worst-case scenarios. They often assume I’m going to tell them their book’s not quite up to publishing standard. So when I explain I’ll fix the typos, cut out surplus words, point out repetition, and change a clunky sentence into three pithy ones, they breathe a sigh of relief.








*Want to publish on Kindle and paperback?  Check out my packages here for fiction and non-fiction authors.*




#4  I offer encouragement and a friendly ear to keep my authors going.

The publication process comes with highs and lows. Sometimes my authors need extra encouragement and that’s what I offer. For example, if they are overwhelmed by the red lines on their proofread, tracked document, they may need a reassuring chat over the phone. And that offer is always an option.


#5  Flexibility.






Although we stick to a production schedule during the publication process, life can get in the way. That’s why I never force a deadline. It’s great if my authors can check over the proofread manuscript within a few days, but it’s not imperative. And if they are busy with their day job or if a family emergency comes up, they can take the breathing space they need. Trying to rush the publication process does not work.

Let me explain more.



I spoke to a gentleman recently who signed up with a publisher a few years ago.



The company pressured him into committing to an unrealistic deadline so they could release his book for Christmas – which they didn’t deliver on, anyway. He ended up signing off a mediocre book cover (to put it politely) which didn’t reflect the genre (or any, in fact) and hadn’t been proofread (despite this being part of the expensive deal).


Consequently, he’s left with a book he doesn’t like, that he isn’t proud to promote, and is currently trying to sever ties with them so he can publish the book himself on Amazon (with a little help from me).  How different the outcome would have been if he’d had some flexibility and breathing space to make better decisions as opposed to feeling pressure to sign everything off to fit in with ‘the company’s’ deadlines.



#6 Full creative control.

Many of my authors have jacket design ideas or can picture how they would like the interior of their book to look, and I will do my best to make them a reality. Some authors want to add self-penned illustrations to their books, flourishes as section breaks, drop caps at the start of each chapter. And their wish is my command. When my authors work with me, it’s THEIR dream I’m supporting. So why shouldn’t they have THEIR book created just as they choose?




#7  The start of a long-term book/ author /business relationship.

Ah, the post-publication honeymoon period. Brimming with confidence, excitement and a new self-belief, my authors see their writing in a new light once their book’s on the Amazon bookshelf. They prioritise their unfinished projects and scope out realistic schedules to get them published in a much shorter timescale than their debut books. And that’s fantastic. After all, an author with a whole series of books has way more chance of becoming successful.

I’m currently working with an author on his fifth and sixth books right now and it’s so beneficial for him. You see, every time he publishes a new book, we update his covers (he has images of previous books on the back). Then I update his book interiors to add the new title to the ‘More Books by Mario’ page. I update his blurbs/Amazon descriptions and make sure his most recent book is showing up on his Amazon Author Central page (which I also set up for him when his first book launched). (You can check out Mario Panayi’s books – fascinating collections of poetry and prose – here.)

You just can’t get this kind of in-depth 1-2-1 support if you’re using a conveyor belt company to publish your book. 



If you’re looking for the best self-publishing solution to bring your book to life, choose a company where you’re making the decisions, keeping creative control, taking some breathing space if needed, and ultimately enjoying the process! I know how much your book means to you (I’ve published my own books, too, so I understand the rollercoaster of emotions involved), and that’s why I offer so much more than off-the-shelf self-publishing services.

If you want a cookie-cutter option, there are many. If you prefer the personal touch,  message me.




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