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So who is Michelle Emerson?

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okay — Here goes…

As a bit of an introvert and the least peacocky kinda girl you could ever clap eyes on, this page makes me squirm a bit.

But I do know this is the best way for you to decide if we’re a good fit for working together.

So let me share some a snippet of me and mine and reassure you that I’m a friendly, genuine, wordy nerdy kinda girl with precisely the kind of credentials you’re looking for.


I live near Durham (north-east England), surrounded by rolling hills and gorgeous walks.

I’m mum to a teenage boy and a teenage girl (yep… there are lots of hormones in our house) and Buddy, our cute as pie Shih Tzu.

I’m happiest in my walking boots and with an Audible book streaming through my earphones.

THE ‘AT WORK’ MICHELLE… I love, love, love spending my days writing.  Whether I’m working on my book or content for my business, or I’m proofreading/editing or publishing my clients’ books is irrelevant. I just love the fact that I get to publish books and word weave for a living.  I’ve worked in publishing for 20+ years and it’s definitely my vocation. 
THE ‘EDUCATED’ MICHELLE… I graduated from the Open University when I was 40 with a First Class BA Honours in English Language and Literature, plus a Diploma in Creative Writing and Literature. I have a BTEC National Diploma in Business & Finance (with Secretarial Skills) and I’m also a qualified Teeline Shorthand tutor.
I’m also a non-fiction author – here are my latest books…

my latest publications

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I’ve also written lots of guest posts and my writing’s been featured in quite a few online magazines, too, like these…

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my Buddy and my daily view!

“Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.”
~Brene Brown
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Want to self-publish on Kindle or in print? Or write a business book? Or find an experienced UK proofreader or affordable copy-editor? Choose to work with me, Michelle Emerson. I’d be delighted to hear about your writing project, and how I can help you.
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