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Scared First-Time Authors Who Want to Self-Publish

Are you a new or aspiring author who hates tech? Do you have no idea where to start with self-publishing? Don’t worry. I can help with everything. 

Unhappy Self-published Authors 

If you’ve self-published but aren’t happy with the results, you don’t have to give up. I can help to transform your book and optimise its sales potential.

Published Authors Who Want to Republish

Have you published your book with another publisher? But want to reclaim control and republish under your terms? Get in touch. I’d love to help.

Authors Who Want to Try the Traditional Publishing Route

Want to secure a literary agent or traditional publisher for your book? I can help with everything from proofreading and copy-editing to writing your synopsis, blurb and your submission package. If you’d like to find out more, contact me.


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The Benefits of Having an Author Website

The Benefits of Having an Author Website

The Benefits of Having an Author Website         Do authors need a website?   Just this morning, one of my clients asked me if he needed an author website. I told him he doesn’t NEED one, but if he has enough money in his budget (or he could learn the...

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Creating Content – Easy Solutions for Busy Authors

Creating Content – Easy Solutions for Busy Authors

  Creating content is one of the most important tasks that we do as authors and business owners.   But oh, my goodness, it’s never-ending, isn’t it? And sometimes trying to think of fresh ideas for blog posts, social media posts, products, emails and reports day in,...

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“I have been carrying this book in my heart for the last 15 years. It seemed like crossing Siberia on a bike – almost an improbable journey to make. The moment I contacted you, you took over control as a superpower. You were the positive driving force giving me the inspiration to fulfil my aspiration.

I very much appreciate the timely guidance and thought-provoking prompts inciting my excitement in transforming my surreal dream into subtle reality. I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude for the excellent professional guidance in my venture. I can safely and soundly recommend you to other prospective writers..”


Dr Thomas Abraham, Author of  East to West

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