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Congratulations! You’ve written your book!  That’s a fantastic achievement. And now you’re trying to find out how to self-publish your book, right?

You’ve probably realised it’s a minefield out there.

What with hybrid publishers, traditional publishers, and the thought of having to source and project manage freelance book formatters and typesetters, it’s enough to make you want to push your book dream to one side and call it quits.

But that would be such a waste.  Let me help instead …



Format your book for Kindle and paperback.


  • Format your book for Kindle and paperback. 
  • Design your Kindle cover. 
  • Design your paperback cover (front, back & spine).


  • Format your book for Kindle and paperback.
  • Design your Kindle cover and paperback.
  • Keyword and category research report.
  • Writing of blurb and Amazon description.


the stress-free way to self-publish with confidence

NB: For books under 75k words only - The Whole Shebang Package includes:


A Full Proofread of Your Final Manuscript (x2)

Ensure your book is free of pesky typos with two rounds of proofreading.


High Quality Formatting for e-Book/Kindle & Typesetting for Print

Your manuscript will be formatted into a top-quality e-book and ‘real’ book (paperback) to ensure that high quality, professional look.


Eye-Catching Cover Design for Kindle & Paperback

Eye-catching covers sell books, so let’s make yours stand out.


Optimising Your Book Sales Potential Through Research

Researching categories and keywords is an exercise many novice indie authors overlook. So let’s optimise your book and increase your chances of a better sales ranking using my tried-and-tested research methods. 


The Writing of a Compelling Blurb and Amazon Description

Let me create your persuasive blurb and keyword-rich, well-presented Amazon description so potential readers are intrigued, captivated and can’t resist pressing the ‘BUY NOW’ button.


Setting Up Your Amazon KDP Account & Getting Ready to Upload

This part of the process often puts indie authors off. But with my help, we’ll get your Amazon KDP account set up effortlessly. All the relevant information added to your account means Amazon won’t withold 30% of your royalties and you’ll get everything you earn right from the start. 


Uploading & a Final Double-Check Online

Once everything is ready to upload, I’ll double-check every last detail, press the publish button and let you know when it’s time to break out the celebratory drinks to mark your author milestone. 


Setting Up Your Amazon Author Central Page

This marketing page contains info about you and your books for your readers to get to know you better. Once your book is published, I’ll set up this page for you and ensure your readers can see you’re an author worth following. 


Get Your Book Sales Off to a Flying Start!

Once your books are published, you’ll also receive short and long-term book publicity (ask for more details) and get a free copy of my Indie Author Marketing Secrets book.


So, are you ready to make 2020 the year you became an author?

Then contact me today and let’s create the book you’ve always dreamt of publishing.

Please note: I only work with a limited amount of clients each month so even if you’re not quite finished your first draft, let’s talk and make a plan to book you into my schedule for a time that suits you.

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Want to self-publish your book on Kindle and/or in paperback and print?

Or write a business book?

Or find an experienced UK proofreader or affordable copy-editor?

Contact me, Michelle Emerson. I’d be delighted to hear about your writing project, and join you on your author adventure. 


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