Self-Publishing Services for Indie Authors

Congratulations! You’ve written your book!

But now what?


Don’t leave your manuscript languishing… there’s never been a better time to self-publish your book on Kindle or in print. 



Join the indie author revolution and make your author dream a reality.


Publish on Kindle with Ease and Confidence

Publish Your Book on Kindle and in Print with Ease and Confidence

If you’re trying to self-publish your book but you’ve got stuck, then you can pick my brains for 30 minutes for just £29.   Or if you’d prefer to focus on writing your next best-seller, you can let me take care of the whole process for you.  Here’s how I can help…


Format Your Book for Kindle & Typeset for Print 

Your manuscript will be transformed into a professional looking e-book and a ‘real’ book (paperback) – if you want to publish your book in both formats.


Create an Eye-Catching Cover for Your Kindle E-Book & Paperback

Your book cover ideas will be sent to my graphic designer where he’ll work his magic to come up with an eye-catching Kindle cover and add the back and spine to create a fabulous jacket cover for your printed book too.


Research the Biggest Bookshop in the World

Finding out which are the best categories, keywords and price for your book (so it isn’t  lost amongst the competition) is paramount and that’s why I spend quite some time discovering what’s already out there for you and putting my findings to good use.


Set up Your Kindle / KDP Account

Once the formatting and typesetting are all done, I’ll set up your Amazon account and begin uploading your Kindle book and/or your printed copy to this wonderful self-publishing platform.


And a Final Double-Check

When your book is safely uploaded online, I’ll give it another professional preview using the tools available from Amazon and when I’m 100% happy (and you are too) it’s time to I’ll press the PUBLISH button.


Create Your Author Amazon Central Page

And once your book’s available online for all your new readers, I’ll set up your Amazon Author Central page so people can find out a little bit about you and your books (and see what you look like – an author photo does wonders for your bio) when they discover your Author bookshelf.


And Finally… Lots of Lovely Online Launch Exposure for Your Book!

On your launch day, I’ll share your exciting news on all of my social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Medium and Google+) AND I’ll tell my newsletter subscribers about your book, AND your book details will be added to this website. You’ll also get the chance to feature as one of my Indie Author interviewees too.


Take a look through the self-publishing packages below, choose your best fit and contact me for a quick, no-obligation chat.  

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Want to self-publish on Kindle or in print? Or write a business book? Or find an experienced UK proofreader or affordable copy-editor? Choose to work with me, Michelle Emerson. I’d be delighted to hear about your writing project, and how I can help you.

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