Publishing your book on Amazon KDP Series:

#1 What to do before you start


Keep reading if your book is just another file on your computer and you’re tired of dreaming about publishing.


With Amazon KDP’s print-on-demand services (ie your book is printed each time someone purchases a copy from the Amazon store), you can bring your book to life without the relentless (and often unfruitful) search for a traditional publisher or literary agent.


Not only that, but it can also look just as good as the other books in your genre.


Even though it can be tricky the first time you prepare for publication (and a time-consuming learning curve), you will be rewarded for your effort, patience and persistence when you see your book on the Amazon shelf. There’s nothing quite like that feeling of seeing KDP’s email:


‘Congratulations, your book is now live on the Amazon store!’.



5 tasks to complete before you start publishing your book on Amazon



You want to publish a book you’re proud of, so set your standards high. Having an ‘it’ll do’ attitude will come back to haunt you, and you’ll have to repeat elements of the process. So remember, 100% effort will pay off.



Publishing your book on Amazon



Task 1 – Editing and proofreading. These are essential parts of the process, and no matter how ready you think your book is, put it aside for a few days/weeks if time allows and give it another final read-through before doing anything else. And if your budget allows, invest in a professional proofreader/editor: Proofreading Novels.

Check out my proofreading article here: Proofreading Tips to Make Your Writing Sparkle



Task 2 – Do your research. Look at the best-selling books in your genre. Read through the blurbs, absorb the covers, digest the reviews and investigate which categories they’re selling best in. 

Establishing a firm idea of who your book will appeal to, which categories best describe your book, and its overall effect once published will stand you in good stead before the practical elements of publishing begin. Create a new folder and add links to your favourite covers, blurbs and reviews so that when you need inspiration/motivation, everything is available at a mouse click. 

Here’s where you’ll find out about a book’s categories (see ‘Best Sellers Rank’). This is Julie Evans’ book, A Sisterhood of Silence: Vigilante Justice in a Seaside Town. Julie is one of my current authors who is enjoying incredible success with her Cornish Crime Series.



Here’s the book blurb so you can understand why the chosen categories are appropriate:

Jem Fielding is a pimp and drug lord who counts blackmail and violence as part of his repertoire. But when he abducts mute teenager Carly Taylor and attempts to bury her alive, he risks the wrath of a small Cornish town.

Carly survives but is damaged by her ordeal. She undergoes a disturbing psychological metamorphosis. As her psychosis grows she turns her back on those she loves, dedicating herself to Fielding’s destruction.

She is not alone.
Other women out there have cause to hate Fielding.
His abused wife, Josie, has found love with another woman but knows he will kill her if he discovers her secret, and Kerenza Martin’s ex-husband, a policeman has been trapped in a cycle of blackmail and corruption, jeopardizing her family’s safety.

If they try to fight Fielding alone, they will lose.
If the women join forces, take a stand and discover the power of Sisterhood, they might win, but at what cost?



Task 3 – Decide on your ISBN. You must decide whether to use Amazon’s free ISBN for your book or buy your own. If your budget allows, there are benefits to purchasing your own block of ISBNs from Nielsen (if you’re in the UK).

Find out more about Nielsen and ISBNs here: Nielsen UK ISBN Store (nielsenisbnstore.com).


However, if you think this will be your only book and are happy enough to publish it on the Amazon store using their free option, go for that.


Find out more about Amazon KDP’s free ISBNs here: Should I use KDP’s free ISBN or my own? (amazon.com).




Task 4 – Set up your Amazon KDP publishing account. You may think it’s a better idea to keep your publishing account separate from your personal Amazon account, but this can get you into trouble. Stick to KDP’s terms and conditions, and you won’t risk having your account terminated later.

Find out more about how to Create a KDP Account (amazon.com).



Task 5 – Give yourself a deadline. Without deadlines, nothing gets finished. Well, that’s my experience, at least. So, I’d highly recommend setting a realistic schedule. If you’re unsure what’s involved in the publication process, download my free checklistSelf-Publishing on Amazon: The FREE Checklist.



And finally, another significant thing you’ll need to do before publishing your book on Amazon is to embrace a positive, solutions-focused mindset. Find out more here: Self-Publishing Starter Tips Series: #1 A Positive Mindset.  



Quick recap: 5 tasks to complete before you start the publication process



Editing and proofreading.

Do your research.

Decide on your ISBN.

Set up your Amazon KDP publishing account.

Give yourself a deadline.



I hope that’s got you into the right mindset for publishing your book. The book publication is exciting, and the sense of achievement it brings when you hold your book in your hands, well, I promise you, there’s nothing like it.


Keep reading the rest of my publishing your book on Amazon KDP Series if you’re a new author and serious about bringing your book to life. And if you’d like some help, get in touch. I provide a wide range of author services to help you publish your book with confidence, including:


  1. Editing and proofreading your novel.
  2. Typesetting (ie making it look flawless on the page).
  3. Ebook formatting (making it easy to read on an e-reader).
  4. Cover design.
  5. Setting up your KDP account.
  6. Writing your book blurb.
  7. Researching keywords and categories.
  8. And I can even help with launch marketing, too.



Check out my author services here: Publish Your Book On Kindle and In Print



Good luck!



Helping first-time authors to publish with ease and confidence.



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