Thinking of self-publishing on Amazon but unsure if it’s for you?

Then keep reading! I’ve helped hundreds of authors to self-publish on Amazon and I can highly recommend it for so many reasons.
One of my recently published clients wanted to add 3 extra sections to his book this week. The changes were made, the new versions of the Kindle book and paperback were uploaded and submitted to Amazon in just 90 minutes. The new versions went ‘live’ within 24 hours. Job done. 


This is just one reason – its flexibility of use – why I think self-publishing on Amazon is such a great idea.

Can you imagine the wait, the box-ticking and teeth-sucking that would go on if you’d traditionally published and wanted to make some simple changes such as this?




What can you change (even after your book’s been self-published on Amazon)?



The Book’s Content

if you want to add a few extra paragraphs or update your ‘Connect with the Author’ section or take out an image and replace it with a more up-to-date one, you can. As long as you don’t increase the book’s content by more than 20% you can re-submit a new version of your book without having to make it a ‘second edition’ or a brand new book.



The Price 

After the initial flurry of launch sales, you might want to reduce the price of your book as part of your book marketing campaign. And you can do just that (for Kindle and paperback versions) whenever you like.



Your Description/ Sales Page/Blurb

Maybe after publishing you think your sales page could do with a little more oomph or you want to add some 5* reviews to it, and if that’s the case you can easily pop into your KDP dashboard and update the Amazon description and the blurb on the back of your book.



The Book Cover

The longer your book is on Amazon, the more experienced you become and you might feel like your cover isn’t actually a good reflection of the content anymore. So if you want to get a new cover designed and re-upload a brand spanking version you can. I’ve done this with my best-selling book (90+ Content Ideas for Social Media, Blogs and Online Marketing) and it’s really made a difference.




Keywords & Categories

If sales dry up, this is definitely something I’d suggest you update. Do your research, look for different keywords, key phrases and update your current ones to see if they work better for you. (Top tip … if you do this, keep a record of what you’re changing and the results, so you don’t waste your time repeating them only to get more of what you don’t want.)



There are a few things you can’t change after your book’s been published.


If you need to make significant changes to your ebook or paperback, or you want to alter any of the following, you will have to publish as a new book.

Kindle Book

The DRM (Digital Rights Management) setting can’t be changed once your book’s been set up.

You can’t change the publication date.

If you want to change your author name or the book title, you’ll need to include a disclaimer in the book’s description – details available from Amazon. Minor details – adding a title, initial or middle name – are fine, but if you want to change your author name completely, you’ll need to publish a new book.



When your paperback is assigned an ISBN number (either one you’ve purchased or the free one assigned by Amazon) you can’t change any of the following after publication:

  • Language
  • Book title
  • Subtitle
  • Edition number
  • Primary author name
  • ISBN
  • Imprint name
  • Publication date
  • Ink and paper type
  • Trim size


I hope that’s helped you see that self-publishing on Amazon is very FLEXIBLE and as an independent author, it’s crucial, particularly if you’re planning on publishing more than one book.



Good luck!


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