Self-publishing your book?


Great idea!

Holding your book in your hand is one of the best feelings in the world. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

And if you know anything about publishing before the Amazon/self-publishing explosion, you’ll appreciate why we should be grateful for such opportunities. Aspiring authors had limited prospects in the not-too-distant past, and unless they had a lucky break or bags of cash, their books remained their best-kept secret.







Let’s talk about self-publishing now, specifically on Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing).





Self-publishing on Kindle: what are the benefits? 


There are so many benefits to self-publishing on Amazon kindle – here are my top four!


1. Self-publishing on Kindle is FREE (we all love/need a freebie, right?).

2. Your book is available for a worldwide audience to buy.

3. The book royalties are fab – you receive up to 70% (eBook) and 60% (paperback).

4. You retain full creative control.







Check out my full article here >> 13 Surprising Benefits of Publishing on Kindle





Self-publishing: what are the downsides of publishing alone?  


  1. Time and patience are required in abundance – working through the publication process takes time and energy.


  1. Technical skill is necessary and if you’re a tech-phobe, you’ll have to source and secure several freelancers to help.


  1. You’ll need to be prepared to learn – the publishing process can be overwhelming, especially if you aren’t familiar with it.


  1. Excuses are easier to make – without anyone to be accountable to, deadlines will slide and your book will be relegated to the back burner.



The Solution?

Unless you have the time, energy, resources, and support to publish your book yourself, I’d recommend finding a professional to help.







Self-publishing: what are the benefits of hiring a professional to help?


There are so many reasons why hiring a publishing professional to take care of everything for you is an excellent investment.

I’ve helped 100s of authors to publish their books on Amazon, and I follow a streamlined process to help you navigate the journey. Having someone like me to hold your hand through the publication process makes the experience much smoother (and more enjoyable).

My published authors always give me the same feedback.


“I wish I’d published my book sooner instead of keeping it hidden away all that time.”


“I wish I’d found you earlier.”


“I can’t believe how easy the process was with you alongside me.”


“I couldn’t (and wouldn’t) have done this without you.”



But let’s take a step back here.

You know and I know you could publish your book alone. There are plenty of resources available to guide you.

But what would it mean if you had my 1-2-1 support?


  1. PROGRESS! You’ll get it done! As well as having a logical process to follow, we work to deadlines, and there will be no putting off/procrastinating because we have the end goal in sight. Obviously, life gets in the way sometimes, so I’m not inflexible. But I can sniff out the difference between excuses/procrastinating and the truth from ten feet away.


  1. CONFIDENCE! You’ll feel more confident. When your book is live on the Amazon store, you’ll be proud to share the link with family, friends, social media followers etc.


  1. CLARITY! Overwhelm be gone! As we go through the different stages of the publication process, I’ll be on hand to answer any questions that crop up. And don’t worry, it’s all explained in clear, simple, non-jargon terms.






Does this sound like your best self-publishing option? Then it’s time to take action.


Book a 30-minute, free, no-obligation chat to learn more about self-publishing with me.


Or fill in the ‘contact’ form and tell me where you’re at right now.


Or if you’d like to understand the self-publishing process before you decide, grab a copy of my free checklist!








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 Happy self-publishing!



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