Proofread Your Novel

Do I need to proofread my novel?

Should I bother having my novel proofread?

Is it worth proofreading my novel?




Whether you’re self-publishing your novel or submitting it to a traditional publisher or literary agent, you shouldn’t skip the proofreading. Having a clean, error-free book smacks of professionalism and gives you a head-start against the competition.


Always try to do at least one round of proofreading yourself after you’ve left your first draft for a few days/weeks. When you approach a professional proofreader with a clean version of your draft, it’s likely that their costs will reflect this.


Yes, proofreading your novel is time intensive, and if you prefer creating to editing, you will need to force yourself to focus. My advice here would be to proofread in batches and timed slots; say, an hour a day or a chapter a day. Trying to do it all in one day is a waste of time because your eyes and brain get tired and you miss the errors/add in words that aren’t there – clever things our brains, aren’t they?


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Alternatively, if you just can’t face proofreading your novel and want to hand it to someone who thrives on spotting those typos, inconsistencies, missing punctuation and badly behaved homophones, get in touch! I’d love to help. 


I use TRACKED CHANGES so you can see the changes I’ve made, and I also include a full Editor’s Report which explains my changes in more detail. 

Prices start at £12 p/1000 words for proofreading.

My proofreading services for authors include checking, highlighting, querying and correcting:

    • syntax (sentence structure) and grammar 
    • punctuation errors 
    • inconsistencies with spellings, plot, characters and settings
    • overuse of phrases/words
    • dialogue and narrative

You can also expect suggestions to help:

    • improve reading flow
    • make your book as reader-friendly as possible
    • ensure clarity for your reader

Get in touch today if you'd like a free 1,000-word sample proofread.