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So you've written your first draft, now what?


  • do you Want to self-publish on amazon?
  • are you wondering how to publish a book on kindle?
  • would you like to publish a paperback?
  • are you bamboozled by all the self-publishing companies out there?
  • are you looking for someone to take care of the whole amazon self-publishing process for you?

then let’s talk about how I can help you self-publish on amazon with ease and confidence in as little as four weeks!




Hi! Michelle Emerson here! Author, Editor, Self-Publishing Consultant and Business Mum based in NE England, UK.

I help first-time, new and aspiring authors to self-publish kindle books and paperbacks on Amazon. (I can take care of everything from proofreading and creating your e-book and paperback, through to cover design, uploading to Amazon KDP (the publishing platform) and even the initial launch marketing: all without all the scary stuff and techy headaches.) 

You can find out more about me here…

And you can find out about the books I’ve written and created here.

So whether you’ve written your memoir, fantasy novel, thriller, business book, non-fiction book, chick-lit novel, dystopian novel or contemporary romance, then welcome.

You’re in the right place.  


As a self-published author, I understand how scary it feels to publish your book on Kindle for the first time. There’s so much to learn about the whole self-publishing journey, isn’t there?

And I know that while self-publishing your paperback sounds like the perfect solution to becoming a published author for the first time, it can feel overwhelming.  

You might feel your book isn’t good enough, you’re not the best writer, and/or you’re not sure if it’s even worth publishing but rest assured, this is what most of my clients think too. Sometimes it’s a confidence/vulnerability thing. But having a self-publishing specialist in your corner, turning your Word document into a professional and viable book, and adding it to your bookshelf on the biggest bookstore in the world is precisely what you need.

That’s why I’d love to help you!


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