Wondering about publishing on Amazon?


Then keep reading to discover five reasons why it’s a great idea.


The self-publishing business is truly a revolution for writers. Who could ever have predicted such an opportunity for aspiring authors? Before self-publishing became a possibility, all of us writers with big publishing dreams had to jump through endless loops, contact swathes of agents, and send cumbersome submissions to potential publishing houses … mostly to be ignored or rejected. So, when I say that self-publishing really has opened up a wealth of opportunities for writers, I’m not kidding.


There are many reasons why publishing on Amazon really is a great idea. Having published several of my own non-fiction works, notebooks and journals, and hundreds for my self-published authors, I can (and regularly do) highly recommend it.


Are you contemplating that next step towards becoming an author?

Are you considering Amazon’s KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) platform? Then keep reading as I walk you through a few reasons why I think self-publishing on Amazon is a great idea.



The Advantages of Publishing on Amazon







#1 Quick results

You can upload and submit your book to Amazon KDP and it takes just 24-72 hours before your book shows up ‘live’ on the Amazon store if it’s accepted the first time. You don’t have to wait weeks, months, years(!) to hear back from traditional publishing houses or literary agents. You can just get on with the publication process now! By the time aspiring authors contact me, they’re at the stage where they want to publish asap. They’ve spent years writing the book, they’ve edited it, tweaked it, watched a few videos to try and start the process themselves, and then they’ve had enough. I’m exactly the same. When I set my mind on something I want it right now and have to take action. That’s why I love the speed of publishing on Amazon.

The perfect opportunity for serious authors who aren’t prepared to wait any longer.




#2 You’re the Editorial Director of your own publishing company

When you self-publish on Amazon, you’ll get a direct insight into the publishing business. And if you love it, then who knows where it could lead. Because you’re the Editorial Director of your own publishing company, you get to decide:

  • when to publish your book
  • what you’d like on the cover
  • how much to price it at (taking into account Amazon’s printing costs, obviously)
  • the word count (you don’t have to write x amount of words to constitute a non-fiction book/novel/novella – you decide what the natural length of your book is!)
  • what the book title is
  • and much more!

The perfect opportunity for serious authors who like to be in control.



#3 You earn higher royalties

Kindle royalties can be anything up to 70% – not to be sniffed at, I’d say. When you consider traditional royalties can be around the 5% mark if you’re lucky, then I don’t need to explain why KDP is a no-brainer. Oh, and you don’t have to wait for annual payments either. Your royalties will be paid directly into your bank each month.

The perfect opportunity for serious authors who want the best return on their books.



#4 You can make changes even after the book’s been published!

Many of my self-published authors can’t quite believe it when I tell them how easy it is to change something in their book even after it’s ‘live’ and available for sale. As long as you don’t add more than 10% new content to the book, you can change the interior (weblinks, chapter titles, about the author pages that may have been omitted, typos – they only show up once you’ve pressed publish, right?) and most other changes (excluding the title/sub-title/size as they are tied into your ISBN/ASIN and must remain the same) without having to upload a second edition or brand new version of your updated book.

The perfect opportunity for serious authors who want to be flexible.



#5 Your book is available to purchase from the biggest bookstore in the world

As Amazon is the biggest bookstore in the world, then I’d say publishing on Amazon is your best chance of success. When someone asks where they can purchase a copy of your book from and you point them to Amazon, that’s such a great feeling.

The perfect opportunity for serious authors who want to go global. 











Is it your time to start publishing on Amazon?


Contact me today to see if my self-publishing services can help. Your book could be for sale in just a few weeks. Imagine … after all that time you’ve invested in writing … the finish line is just a few weeks away. 




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