Creating content is one of the most important tasks that we do as authors and business owners.


But oh, my goodness, it’s never-ending, isn’t it? And sometimes trying to think of fresh ideas for blog posts, social media posts, products, emails and reports day in, day out, can eat into our schedules just as much as our energy levels.



Don’t worry, though! I’ve got two quick and easy solutions to make your life way easier.


  1. Ready-made content – (aka PLR)
  2. Repurposing



Ready-made content, social media images, workbooks, training, resources, templates and heaps more are available to you right now.











One of my favourite PLR companies is called Publishing for Prosperity. Founder, Alice Seba and her team create all kinds of PLR (private label rights) content that saves authors, business owners and people like you and me heaps of time, energy and effort. (And she shares lots and lots of free resources.)

If you’re new to PLR, then I’ll explain what it is in its easiest terms. A PLR company will create content to sell to others who will make it their own.

So, for example, if I purchased one of Alice Seba’s done-for-you packages where you get:

  • reports
  • checklists
  • e-cover sets
  • lead generator opt-in page
  • email sequences to share with subscribers


I would tweak the reports, add my own branding to them, and add to the content to create brand new:

  • blogs
  • lengthier reports
  • mini ebooks
  • a free challenge
  • video series


It saves so much time, provides you with lots of fresh new ideas and gives you a great foundation upon which to build.



===>>>You can check out Alice’s website and offerings here




I have also been part of April Lemarr’s content creation collection toolbox and I can vouch for the superb quality of content in there too. If you’d like lots of ready-made content, training, done-for-you social media images and heaps more, you can sign up for the next launch here.




And PLR PLanners is another solid option if you’re looking for freebies and paid resources to free you from creation time. Click here to visit the website and make sure you scroll along to the right for the FREEBIES first.  

















What’s repurposing?


Repurposing is the process of taking content you’ve already written and changing it into another format. For example:


  • Turning a few of your most popular blogs into an ebook and publishing it on Amazon.
  • Turning your blogs into an ebook and publishing it on your own website (and cutting out the middleman).
  • Turning your blog into an article on and potentially earning some money from it.
  • Turning your themed social media posts into a cornerstone blog/video series/ebook.


There are many ways you can tweak your content to suit other formats and platforms. (I’m prepping another blog about ‘repurposing’ right now so will add the link here when it’s live.)

The next time you need to create some new content, perhaps to answer one of the most burning questions you receive from your social media followers, I’d recommend starting with a blog.

That way you can chunk it down into social media posts, Facebook Lives, a podcast episode, an email sequence, and so on.

Are you excited yet?

Go dive into your archives and start creating more content in less time.





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Happy creating!


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