90+ Content Ideas for Social Media, Blogs and Online Content: Posts, prompts and repurposing ideas for when your creative juices have all dried up!


Struggling to come up with quick & easy social media marketing ideas?

I get it.

Creating a constant supply of engaging social media posts isn’t easy when you’re a writer, or working from home as a freelancer or running a small business on your own.

You can’t always afford to hire a social media manager to conjure up a social media strategy that keeps your followers’ eyes on your page.

After all, you’re trying to serve clients, work ON your business and not just IN it. You’re also trying to get that work/life balance right.


But one thing is certain – social media for business is a vital marketing tool in your business strategy.

So anything that saves you time, keeps your work/life balance flowing and sparks joy for you and your business is always welcome, right?

I totally agree. That’s why I created this book.



Not only will you find 90+ content ideas to use for your online marketing, social media platforms, blogs and newsletters BUT you’ll also discover:

• HOW to quickly repurpose these social media posts into other content (blogs, podcasts, freebies, lead magnets and mini masterclasses) to save MORE precious time, energy and thinking space.

• WHAT to write about – instead of churning out dull drivel-packed posts just to say that you’ve posted on Facebook today, you’ll be writing meaningful content that gets reactions.

• WHO you’re writing for – knowing your ideal client and what they’re wanting to learn/hear means you’ll be seen and heard on your social media platforms instead of dodging the tumbleweed.

• AND how to make your content magnetic – so you’ll nurture those business relationships with ease and confidence.

Whether you’re a new starter in business or you’ve been entrepreneuring it forever, you’ll find all sorts of insights in this book that will freshen up your social media pages.

Creating fabulous social media marketing content for your business doesn’t have to be difficult.



Here’s what Jackie Elliott from sobersassylife.com said …

“Thank you, Michelle, for your fabulous ebook – I now have approx three months of great posts! And while I have still taken up a block of time to schedule this week, it was so much easier not to have to think about it – it was all there in front of me!”




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