6 Time-Saving Tricks to Create Consistent (and Pretty Fab) Content

As a top-notch (and responsible) business owner, you know how important it is to:


>>>stay visible and keep reaching out to your past, present and potential crowd


>>>consistently create engaging content and stay uppermost in your prospects’ minds


>>>show you’re a reliable, trustworthy and likeable expert


But you also know that when you get super busy making money, your content is one of the first things to slip. Writing blogs, e-newsletters and your social media posts all get banished to the backburner, and you end up in a pickle.

Well, worry no more. 

Here are a few tricks to help you write consistent (and pretty fab) content without sacrificing too much of your time.

When your writing time is limited, always prioritise your blogs over everything else because a 6-800 word blog can be pulled apart to create all sorts of other content.


Trick 1: Create Social Media Posts from Your Blog Content

***Turn some of those pithy sentences into tweets and Facebook posts***

***Turn those powerful statements into memes for Instagram and Pinterest***

*** Create a scaled down/mini-version of your blog and post the whole thing on Facebook ***


Trick 2: Add Your Blog to Your Newsletter

Don’t put undue pressure on yourself by trying to come up with fresh content for your newsletters every month, when you could quite easily use your blog.  Remember, the people who are on your email list might not follow you on social media. And they might not think to regularly visit your website to check out your blogs.  So this may be their only opportunity to read them.

Start your opening paragraph with a couple of ‘welcome’ sentences and then dive straight into talking about your blog, with a ‘READ MORE’ link, and you’ve got the crux of your newsletter.  When you have more time, you can add more content but when you don’t, this is a great alternative.


Trick 3: Use your blogs as a lead magnet

Choose one of your longer blogs, pad it out if needs be, add in a few images, and your branding, and save it as a PDF.  Et voilà! A new freebie to pull in all those lovely new leads, without giving up a whole day to do it. It’s something that you could easily outsource to your VA as well.


Trick 4: Turn your blogs into a biz book

If you’ve got a good stock of blogs in your storeroom, you could create a quick and easy biz book, and get it for sale on Kindle. Start by categorising your blogs into a natural book format – an A to Z Journey or a From Start-up to Guru in 10 Easy Steps, for example – pull together all those that have a clear theme, add an introduction, a conclusion, some case studies, a connect with the author page, and you’ve got a business card to beat all business cards. And then lather, rinse, repeat two or three times a year to keep up the consistent message, boost your passive income streams and get in front of those who need to hear your message.


Trick 5: Rehash your Blogs into Guest Posts

Those pesky search engines don’t like you to just cut and paste your copy and share it on different platforms.  And if you’re guest posting, it’s common courtesy to submit an original post that isn’t lurking elsewhere.  So rehash your old blog, turn it on its head, add in different bullet points, give it a fresh new title, and swap a few paragraphs around. Hey presto!


Trick 6: Turn your blogs into a webinar or video or Facebook Live or podcast or mini-masterclass

Give your followers the chance to see the person and the voice behind the brand and exude your expertise at the same time. This shouldn’t take too much time to do because your content is there already.  Repurposing your blogs like this is a great way to tap into new leads, too.


Now what are you waiting for? Go get creating!


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