Writing your business book is definitely on your radar, right?


So why haven’t you started it yet?

I mean, how many nudges does the universe need to give you?

Given that you’re in the spiritual, heart-centred, transformation, soul-led industry, I’d guess you know all about alignment, picking up on signs and serendipities and being in the vortex, don’t you?

You know there’s no such thing as coincidence.


And yet, you still treat these ‘You HAVE to write your biz book!’ messages from the universe way too lightly.


Perhaps you’re overthinking.

Perhaps you need another sign.

Well, here it is.





Do any of these statements ring true for you?


You cringe every time the words ‘Oh, I’m going to write my biz book too’ come out your mouth.

Let’s face it, saying this once or twice gives you goosebumps … but when you’re saying it to the same person … and another year has passed … and you’ve not even written the introduction, your cringe vibes don’t lie.


Your biggest competitor has shared photos of her book launch and you literally turn as green as that big old ogre, Shrek (or Fiona?).

Yep, that’s definitely a big sign that you have to write your book and you need to take action. You could calm yourself by repeating the Ho’oponopono mantra all day until you feel lighter or go journal as to why you’ve reacted this way. My advice, however, would be to channel your competitive streak into your writing. Let it fire you up. It’s way better use of your energy.


You feel queasy every time a client asks when you’re going to write your book <also refer to tell-tale sign number 1 again>.

This is a given – not the queasy bit, the asking about your book bit.  Your tribe love what you do. You inspire them. You motivate them. You show them how to transform their lives, businesses and mindsets. They are waiting. They want to hear your message.  They want to buy your book. I’ll let you sit with that one for a while.


You know precisely what your book is going to be called, what your powerful message is, who’s going to write your foreword and you’ve even been trying out some cover designs in Canva.

Visualising is key to manifesting and it’s all part of the creative preamble to writing your book.  The best thing you can do is grab a new notebook right now and start releasing these gifts from the universe.


You go to bed and switch off the light, only to have to jump back up ten minutes later to scrabble around for a pen and paper because ANOTHER book idea has popped into your head.

Okay, so it’s not always when you go to bed. Sometimes it’s when you’re in the shower, meditating, walking or spinning your little legs off to Lemmy’s Ace of Spades <or is that just me?> or even when you’re washing up. These ideas are appearing for a reason – so don’t fall into the trap of thinking, ‘I’ll remember them and write them down in the morning’ because you’ll forget.

Are you nodding and smiling now? I bet you are.


By the way, have you heard what happens to these ideas if you don’t do anything with them? 


The universe delivers them to someone else who will take action.  If you don’t believe me read Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert.  This happened to her with a novel she’d scoped out but had to shelve. And someone else got nearly exactly the same idea for the novel and brought it to life.


So beware… if you’re resonating with everything here, don’t thank me, I am just the vessel for the universe. You are the one who needs to spring into action.


And here are 3 ways I can help you start. 


  1. If you need clarity and some prompts to start the prep work, this one’s for you. Grab a copy of My Big & Beautiful Biz Book Planner here. >>> 


My Big & Beautiful Biz Book Planner


2. If books are more you thing, buy a copy of my 5*-rated book: How to Write a Brilliant Business Book: 4 Simple Steps to Help You Start & Finish Writing Your Business Book, Minus the Overwhelm.

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3. Or if you’ve decided enough’s enough (and you can’t trust yourself to start without some additional motivation, inspiration and a step by step process to get your first draft written), check out my course: 30 DAYS TO WRITE YOUR BIZ BOOK – we’re starting on 1st November 2020. Sign up to the VIP list and you’ll also get a free 30-minute book brainstorming session with me.

30 days to write your biz book



Good luck!

Michelle – Self-Publishing Services UK



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