The Procrastination-Proof Push You Need to Finally Write Your Biz Book & Attract Raving Fans Fast!


Ok, let’s get straight to the point…


  • You WANT to write your business book.
  • You START to write your business book.
  • You get stuck.
  • You stop writing.
  • And you tell yourself you can’t do it.


Sound familiar? 

You’ll NEVER write your biz book at this rate.   

I know that and so do you.

But here’s another EASIER option – that will stop that inner voice berating you … stop you turning green when you see your competitors launching their latest book … and help you get the clarity and focus you need to become an author in 2020.

The 30 Days to Write Your Biz Book Programme helps you to:


>>>Plan and write your biz book without feeling overwhelmed – 1 simple daily task for 30 days.

>>>Find your flow and write with ease and confidence – using my simple lifelong blueprint that you can use to write book after book after book. 

>>>Discover your place in the market and stand out from the competition – using my top secret research secrets.

>>>Save hours of writing time – using my cut and paste sample pages for the generic content. 

Meet the 30 Days to Write Your Biz Book programme creator… 


Hi, I’m Michelle Emerson, Author, Self-Publishing Ace and lover of all things wordy.  I’ve worked in publishing for 20-odd years now and I LOVE it.  

I also LOVE helping aspiring authors realise their dreams of writing their biz books with ease and confidence so they can attract raving fans from all over the world. 

Are you ready to write your biz book with my simple, self-study 30 Day programme?