Congratulations to my latest 2020 author, Trevor Rai, on the publication of his debut book:

Try Walking in My Shoes: An Unusual How-to Guide to Dating and Arranged Marriage

It’s pre-millennium, 1990s to be exact, you’re in your 20s and you’re a British Indian guy whose family is trying to find you a bride.

Nothing out of the ordinary, right? But what if you were a disabled man? What are your chances then of finding your own Indian princess? Auntie, matchmakers and family friends line up plenty of potential suitors to visit: the doctor’s receptionist … a gorgeous dancing girl … internet chicks … even an accountant. Oh, and the girl with only one thing on her mind. Will our unconventional prince find his happy ever after like a good Indian boy? You’ll have to wait til you reach the end of this hilarious, emotional, relentless quest for arranging a marriage. PS: Don’t let Auntie read this!

Welcome to the real and complicated world of arranged marriage (with a difference). This is the author’s real experience … real dating stories … real life … real sex … and it’s not pretty.

In this unique and often hilarious perspective on the dating game, the author combines his most intimate, lonely, brutal and raw experiences with first-hand advice on dating, how to meet the perfect partner and arrange marriage. He has become the ultimate dating guru. He knows all the tricks and put-downs. He knows when there’s no spark at all and he can sniff out a fake spark and ulterior motive from a million miles away. He also confirms what many women suspect – that most men are perverts. Never has an author with a disability written with such candidness on a subject that is at the heart of many cultures – yes, Trevor Rai is a pseudonym, do you think he’s crazy enough to write under his REAL name?

About the Author: Trevor Rai

Trevor Rai (not his real name) is a senior IT consultant and been disabled since birth with cerebral palsy. He is now in his 50s and his children think he is just fat and lazy and has always been like that. Little do they know that he has overcome many challenges in his life. He was recently informed by his doctor that he risks having a heart attack in the next 10 years, so decided it was time to share the more interesting parts of his disabled life with the world in the hope that it may help others in the struggle to find happiness.


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