From the outside, Clare was an ordinary bairn from the Scottish Highlands, but inside, she knew she was different. Teachers and school bullies confirmed her ‘misfit’ reputation and she was the proverbial square peg destined never to fit into society’s round holes.

When her parents split up during her early years and her father moved to America, Clare’s foundations were rocked. She did whatever it took to fit in with the wrong crowd, and pretty soon became embroiled in petty crime and dalliances with the local police. When social services intervened, Clare was sent to a Children’s Home which, ironically, sent her on an even darker path.

Upon leaving the system, Clare made a life-changing decision. She moved to America to live with her father and step family, hoping this would be the catalyst to getting her life back on track.

But this decision was one she would later come to regret. Despite finding a job, working hard, and finding some stability, trouble still seemed to find her. When an armed intruder wormed his way into her farmhouse in Pennsylvania early one morning, stinking of whiskey, she ended up staring down the barrel of a loaded revolver watching her life flash before her.

Her turning point came when she began meditating. A visitation from an archangel prompted Clare to re-evaluate her life. She was ready to find her true purpose and began to shed the layers of her old life. Backed up by profound and powerful signs from the universe, Christ Consciousness, numerology, and tarot cards, Clare’s awakening guided her on a whole new path.

This path was no bed of roses but it led her to an American Rockstar with whom she became fascinated. Helped along by fate, she spoke to him before he played to a packed stadium of metal fans, and in that short space of time, he stole her life (allegedly).

What’s so addictive about Clare’s story is that it isn’t purely a work of fiction. But how much is fable is up to you, the reader, to decide.



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Published in 2019 by Justice Armstrong Limited. 

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