Publish Your Book on  Kindle: The Step-by-Step Guide


Over the years, I have helped hundreds of indie authors to publish their books on Kindle. Many hire me because they don’t have the time to do it themselves, or they come out in a rash when they hear the word ‘tech’.

Whilst I love doing this, I also understand that many authors want to learn how to publish on Kindle themselves. More often than not, they have no idea how to start – and that’s always the case with something new, right?

I hear questions like this all the time:



“I’ve written my book. What should I do now?


My book’s ready, so what’s the best self-publishing platform?


Where do I start with self-publishing on Amazon?


Is the self-publishing process easy?”



And when I read the different, complicated answers to these questions in Facebook groups, I feel sad.

Not only do these answers make the publication process appear overwhelming, too complicated, and highly technical, but they also put potential authors off. Often, this is their breaking point.


That’s why I wrote this book. 


Publish Your Book on Kindle shows you that the publication process isn’t complicated. You don’t need to be a technical whizz or have a degree to be successful. Use this guide to discover the steps and tackle them (in ways which don’t overwhelm you). Soon, you’ll be well on your way to publishing your book on Kindle with ease and confidence.


You really can publish your book on Amazon yourself.



Designed to save time, money, energy and frustration, this comprehensive step-by-step guide walks you through the 10-step publication process of turning your final draft manuscript.




Step 1 Proofreading & Editing

Step 2: Designing Your Cover

Step 3: Formatting for Kindle

Step 4: Typesetting for Print

Step 5: Setting Up Your Amazon KDP Account

Step 6: Writing Your Amazon Description/Blurb

Step 7: Choosing Your Keywords & Categories

Step 8: Uploading Your Book & Checking it Over

Step 9: Pricing

Step 10: Pressing Publish



Packed with lots of extra tips and further reading recommendations to help you progress your author journey and build on your knowledge too, you’ll find this is a book you can refer to time and time again.


So, no more excuses. You have everything you need to publish a book you can be proud of and start making money using the Kindle Direct Publishing platform.


Don’t wait any longer. 


Buy your copy today. Available in Kindle and paperback formats. >>>>>


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