I’m delighted to share another of my fantastic author’s books here.

Stephanie and I worked together towards the end of 2019 and I provided her with my Whole Shebang self-publishing package – taking care of everything from proofreading right through to formatting, uploading, publishing and launch marketing.

I knew from the first read that this book was something special and to see it brought to life was a real privilege. Here’s what Stephanie had to say about her book, the self-publishing process and her passion for her subject.


Congratulations! Your novel, MotheRing is now available on the Amazon bookstore. How did it feel to see it there for the first time?

I became very emotional; it felt strange that after so many years of hard work, my book was finally completed. I then panicked that people wouldn’t like my story. But when I held my first copy, my satisfaction was overwhelming; it no longer mattered what others may think, this was my achievement!


Can you tell us a little bit about your book? Who it’s aimed at, why people should buy it, etc?

My book is a historical tale that delves deep into the psychology of mothering, focusing on two women whose stories are interwoven. It’s basically, a powerful exploration of what it is to be a mother, through birth children or otherwise. The capital ‘R’ in the title is because there are two rings within the plot.

This story contains many thought-provoking issues for the reader to consider, but the main subject is the negative stereotypes around stepmothers. They are always portrayed as wicked – you only need to look at Walt Disney films to see what I mean! No one acknowledges the love and strong bond that stepmothers can have for their children. These women have a perspective that is very much under-represented. So, this is their story, told with warmth and tenderness.

If you are a stepmother in a second marriage, or if you are a grandparent, fostering, have adopted or raised a child you haven’t given birth to, then you will love this book. It shows how you can positively affect a child’s life and how that child can change your life and that of others around you.

Also, the popularity of the TV show, Long Lost Families, the documentary, Three Identical Strangers, and the series, Planet Child, are all proof that the debate about nature and nurture still fascinates society. This is the debate I examine, and it is the reason why people should read this book!


Have you always been a writer / wanted to become an author?

I am not a writer; it is just a hobby. Since childhood, I have always wanted to write a novel, so this is the culmination of my 50-year-old dream!


What made you take that leap and publish your book?

I published this book because I had something I wanted to say to society. I have found that arguing a point never works! So, the best way to prove my argument was by showing it within a story. I am passionate about supporting the incredible women who haven’t given birth to the children they love. These women do such a great job, yet our society tends to stigmatise or ignore them.


Have you any more book plans in the pipeline?

I have already written some short stories, so I might continue with this line of work.


What advice would you offer other aspiring authors who want to self-publish their books?

I would always advise the use of professional self-publishing support services; they know what they are doing. But it’s essential to find someone who is good, someone you can trust and work well with, and who wants to do the best for you, e.g. Michelle Emerson.

Also, if you have failed to obtain an agent, then don’t put all your hard work to waste, self-publishing is a great way to progress. Self-publishing means that you are in charge of your own work – and you can even choose your own cover. You are in control!

Thanks very much, Stephanie, and all the best with your excellent book!


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