Ever thought about having a copywriter on your team?


But you think it’s probably going to be too expensive, or too complicated, or too time-consuming?

Or that they won’t make that much difference on your day-to-day schedule?

Think again.

There are heaps of benefits to having a copywriter alongside your VA, your web designer and your accountant.  And having them on your team can bring a bounty of benefits to you and your business.

Let me explain…


Benefit 1: A Good Copywriter Will Save You TIME

Is your time best spent writing blogs, social media posts and newsletters? Or does it make more money-sense to outsource this content creation? On those days when your muse has packed her bags and you’re really struggling to get even a witty one-liner out, have you ever thought about how much time you’re wasting and what you could be doing instead?


Benefit 2: A Good Copywriter Will Save You MONEY

If you’re earning £400 a day and your copywriter’s daily rate is £200, then it’s a win-win situation.  You’re still earning money and your copywriter is writing cracking content that could generate leads or sales or drive traffic to your website. It makes money sense, doesn’t it?


Benefit 3: A Good Copywriter Will Save You ENERGY

Ever had one of those days where you really can’t summon up the energy to write your content? When that happens, it always tarnishes whatever you’re working on too.  So if it’s a sales page, you’ll probably not hit the mark. If it’s a blog, your message is going to be a bit foggy and random. If it’s a newsletter, you’re probably not going to get much of a response.  Your energy will be all fired up when you’re doing something you love, rather than something you have to do to keep your business in the spotlight.


Benefit 4: A Good Copywriter Will Help You GET THINGS DONE

Whether you’re launching a new programme, a new free ebook as a lead magnet, a new podcast or a new product/service, chances are you’ve got tons of content to create. So you’ll put off launching this awesome new thing of yours because, let’s face it, you’ve got heaps on your to-do list already. A copywriter can fast-track all of this.


Benefit 5:  A Good Copywriter Will DOUBLE/TRIPLE YOUR OUTPUT

Even if you love writing your own content, having a copywriter to create even more of the lovely stuff for you is always a savvy investment. You can never have too much content.  Whatever you create can be recycled, upcycled and pimped up to high heaven if you so wish – you can turn it into blogs, free courses, video challenges, ebooks, etc. And a good copywriter who creates cracking copy for you will help you get spotted in every nook and cranny of  the online world.



If you’ve been creating content for a while, you’ll know how easy it is to slip into the same old beige kinda syndrome; everything begins to sound the same, you use the same words and phrases, you can’t seem to escape that comfy pair of slippers that have always done their job so adequately.  That’s the time to get a good copywriter on your team.  They’ll still keep your voice, people will still think it’s you who is writing (when it isn’t) and your brand recognition won’t falter.  But they’ll see your business through fresh eyes, they’ll bring fresh ways to write about your client’s pain points, they’ll offer new words and phrases that still sound like yours but like they’ve had a sparkly makeover (or a bit of Botox – something’s changed about you but I can’t quite decide what it is…).


Benefit 7:  A Good Copywriter Will BE A WORD WIZARD

They’ll cut a long clunky sentence into 3 punchy short ones.  They’ll spot the repeated use of words, they’ll make the content easy to read and easy on the eye.  They’ll be grammar hotties, and know exactly where an apostrophe should (and shouldn’t!) go.


Benefit 8:  A Good Copywriter Will BE ANOTHER EXPERT ON YOUR TEAM

Investing in a good copywriter, who knows how to write a persuasive sales page can attract money and leads for you.  They can write an SEO-rich article in just a few blinks. They know what kind of language is appropriate for your readers (and avoid techno babble and jargon at all costs).  They’ll know how to get the Google Spiders crawling all over your web pages and hoiking you up the search engine rankings (so that more and more people can see you).  They’re an expert, just like you.



If you’re thinking of hiring a good copywriter who can bring all these kinds of BIG BENEFITS to your biz and help you get noticed more, then do get in touch.


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