Still thinking of writing a non-fiction or business book?


But failing to make it a reality?


How long have you been toying with this book idea of yours now? How often do those book ideas jolt your creative juices and make your spine tingle? How regularly do you jot down your epiphanies?


If your book ideas are a perpetual occurrence and ping their way into your thoughts when least expected, then take it from me, you should definitely take them seriously.  As Elizabeth Gilbert talks about in her fabulous book, Big Magic, if you don’t do something productive with these mind-boggling ideas, the creative fairy muse will plant this book seed in someone else’s head: quite possibly, one of your competitors’.


Don’t be perturbed by your daydreams, though, because daydreaming is the hallmark of every writer.  They imagine, dream, take an idea this way then that, detour on the creation journey, and gaze out of windows and into space, head cocked to one side, in full mulling mode every single day.


It’s when your book-thinking delves deeper that the real magic happens.  When you begin to imagine those corks popping at your book launch, and smile at the familiar friendly faces supporting you, or you see yourself at the front of a big stage, speaking to an eager audience, this pulls you towards the manifesting stage.


And if you feed on the idea that you’re inspiring others to invest in their dreams or work towards their goals, or you get a kick out of helping others skyrocket from rookie to fully-fledged pro, you’ll be able to daydream even more about the wonderful ripple effect your new-found author status will have on your life and others’ (and potentially your business).


So how do you turn your book dream into a book writing reality?


Make a Solid Book Plan

Creating a plan for your book is crucial if you want to get past the ‘just download what’s in your head and then worry about the rest later’ stage.  Scoping out a solid plan for your book will help you see the bigger picture and enable you to move onto something else, if and when your content ideas run dry. Decide on how many chapters you’re going to write and what they’re going to cover, as well as any additional chapters (introductions and conclusions, connect with the author, etc). Think in detail about your target audience, your book word count, your publishing plans, and your vision for your book; all of which will help you bring your daydream to life.


Set Yourself a Realistic Deadline to Finish Writing Your Book

Nothing ever gets finished without a deadline, so if you’re serious about writing your book, set yourself a deadline.  Once you have your solid plan brainstormed, and you’ve got a good idea as to the length of your book, set your deadline and work out how much time you have (days/weeks/ months) and this will determine your daily/weekly/monthly writing targets.


Make Time to Write Your Book

Life is chaotic at times, but we’re all in the same boat.  We all have the same 24 hours in a day. How productively we use our 24 hours, however, can mean the difference between daydreaming and proudly sharing your book link to your email list.  Even half an hour a day is better than nothing at all when it comes to writing.   Consistency is crucial to writing success.  So prioritise that half hour you need (start your day off with half an hour’s writing, or get up 30 minutes early each morning, or uninstall those time-stealing apps on your phone – you know the ones – until you’ve got your first draft ready).



Want to turn your book daydream into a real-life book?  Then let me give you a hand. 

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