Writing a business book isn’t nearly as difficult as you might think, you know.


Half the time the biggest challenge to writing anything is your mindset. And once you learn how to deal with its little foibles and quirks, well, who knows how far your book-writing adventure will take you.


I had put off writing a business book for an embarrassingly long time; until it became too embarrassing not to have ‘an Author’ string attached to my bow if I’m honest.  There are heaps of reasons why I put it off for so long (I talk about such excuses in another blog by the way) but once I got over that first book fear, I realised that delaying my author debut had been a faux pas, and now a big regret.

I mean, it was surprisingly easy to write a business book.

Once I got down to it, I found it surprisingly easy to write my book. There was’t any time-consuming research to do – everything was already in my head or I’d written previous blogs about specific content – so the first draft just kind of flew out in a stream of consciousness.


When I’d created my plan and set myself daily writing targets, I didn’t feel overwhelmed at all, and actually got excited about my precious pocket of writing time each day. I know, who’d have guessed it?  And I got spurred on by the growing word count each day, too.


And when I rapped my knuckles each time I tried to edit, I soon realised that reaching my 30,000 word target in 30 days meant I’d have to leave my red pen alone until the first draft was ready in its entirety.


Writing my business book was a fab experience actually.


90+ Content Ideas for Social Media, Blogs & Online Marketing was the first business book I wrote as myself (instead of in a ghostwriter capacity) and once I pressed the publish button, I was pretty happy!


So happy in fact that I quickly set to on my second book, How to Write a Brilliant Biz Book.  Granted, I’d previously created the online programme first and so the first draft was simple to pull together, but I knew I had to make the necessary tweaks and changes to make the digital course to digital book transformation. By this time my author confidence had grown (I no longer felt that initial vulnerability that had kept me from sharing my expertise for so long) and I couldn’t wait to finish the book and self-publish on Kindle and in print.


The whole biz book-writing adventure is something I’d love you experience too.


That’s why I’ve opened the doors to my Write Your Brilliant Biz Book Programme once more. I want to show you that it doesn’t have to be tricky, time-consuming and overwhelming.  Rather it can be exciting, life-changing, business-benefiting and confidence boosting.


With someone to hold your hand through a simple step by step process, and guide you from the initial brain-busting head-hurting ideas stage right through to proofreading and editing that first draft, you’ll really have no excuse not to write your business book.  Who knows, you might even write it in as little as 30 days.


If you’ve had ‘Write My Biz Book‘ on your list for an embarrasingly long time now, then take a look at the short video I created which gives you an introduction to my programme.  It might just help you decide that some day is actually today.


Don’t keep putting off your book. You might regret not starting your author adventure years ago! Think about how many books you could’ve written by now.


Happy business book writing!


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