Write Your Brilliant Biz Book Michelle Emerson

Writing your brilliant biz book doesn’t have to feel like scaling to the top of Scafell Pike.



Writing your brilliant biz book doesn’t have to be postponed until your retirement… or until you have more time… or until you streamline your client lists… or until ‘some’ day.


Writing your brilliant biz book is something you can start today!



All you need to do is build writing time into your daily schedule – and in such a subtle way you won’t know what you used to do with that spare half hour or two before you started your creative adventure.


Breaking your book-creation tasks down into bite-sized chunks, implementing writing strategies and productivity targets, creating realistic deadlines (that keep your mojo in full flow) and taking regular baby steps forward, means you can do this much quicker than you think.



Here are 7 super quick steps to help you write your brilliant biz book:


1. Decide on Your Specialist Subject

If you were sat opposite Magnus Magnuson right now, what would your specialist subject be? What can you talk about for ages without stopping?  What sparks your excitement?  What have you spent years learning to do that your readers could benefit from?  Writing about your specialist subject means much less time spent on research and much more time in the right kind of writing flow (ie, it comes from a place of ease and comfort).


2. Do Your Book Research

You can’t start writing your book until you know what’s already out there.  Spend a little time looking at the books on the Amazon bookstore. What’s already been written in your niche?  Could you fill a gap in the market? Add different keywords to your search and see how many variants come up which include your Mastermind subject.



3. Create a Vision for Your Book

When you create a vision for your book, you’re actually bringing it to life. Think about why you’re writing your book, who it’s for, and the kind of results you’re expecting for your readers. Could it be the first in a series of books? Is it going to take your business to a fab new level and open doors to speaking gigs or international networking opportunities?


4. Brainstorm Your Book Ideas

Grab your coloured pens, or your favourite mind-mapping software and brainstorm your book ideas. Look outside the content remit, too, and consider your audience, your publishing plans, and whether or not you’re going to pad it out with some blogs from your archives or case studies from successful clients.  Will you ask for someone to write your foreword? Keep brainstorming and writing down every last creative juice until it’s all dried up.



5.  Set Your Book’s Deadline

Deadlines are crucial if you want to finish writing your biz book. Once you have your deadline try as hard as you possibly can to stick to it (without moving the goalposts every time you feel like flaking away from the book idea).  Nothing ever gets done without a deadline, remember that.


“Have the end in mind and every day make sure you’re working towards it.” Ryan Allis


6. Write, Write and Write Some More!

OK, so now you’re ready to write.  This is the exciting bit.  Set yourself little chunks of time aside and without excuses, sit down and write.  Daily targets of 500-1000 words are enough to keep you moving in the right direction (if you’re writing a 30,000 word book then it should only take you 30 days to write if you commit to 1,000 words – or 4x paragraphs of 250 words) and if you focus on unleashing the raw, first draft – without any editing at all – you’ll see that you really can do this.



7. Find an Easy Way to Write Your Brilliant Biz Book 

If you’re already thinking, “Yes, this looks do-able when you put it like this but… ” then you’re going to need some extra help to get over your procrastination.  That’s why I’ve the perfect book to take care of every stage of your book-writing journey.  Packed with tips, advice and know-how to get your book outline created, your chapters padded out (or cut back) and insights into how to proofread/edit your first draft and think about publishing.

Purchase your copy here – available in Kindle and in paperback (and all readers get access to a free and private Facebook group for an extra layer of support and motivation).



So, are you ready to starting writing your brilliant biz book today?  There’s nothing to stop you from starting right now!




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