Have you written a book?

Or are you nearing the end of your first draft and already talking yourself out of publishing it?


Then keep reading!

Because today I want to tell you why you SHOULD find time to publish your book.


Because your book is a huge investment and as with all investments they require some expense whether that be in time, money or another resource. Some self-published writers have forgone the time expense and hired professional self-publishing service companies to take care of it for them.

Others have followed YouTube videos and the Amazon KDP tutorials to find out how to format their own books for Kindle and/or paperback.

Some have contacted literary agents, traditional publishers and/or hybrid publishers to help them publish their books.

So why bother going to all this effort, anyway? Is it even worth publishing your book these days?

Oh, yes it is.  I can think of a book-load of reasons why you should find the time to publish your book, but here’s just a snippet…


All the best things take time!

Anything worth doing takes time and usually a peppering of patience. But as soon as you’ve pressed that publish button, or you see your book for sale on the Amazon store or in a national bookshop, you will realise that it was all worth the time investment. And you’ll be so proud of yourself you won’t be able to wait until the next book’s published and the next one and the next one.


Once you’re published, the rewards can be huge!

Not only can you add “published writer/author” to your portfolio/bio/social media platform/CV but you can also now become someone’s favourite writer, a go-to expert in your niche, and/or it could open all kinds of business doors for you too. Furthermore, and depending on your genre, you could keep writing more and more books and grow yourself a healthy passive income stream too.

Being a published author is the best feeling in the world!

I kid you not. I love being a published author and no matter what type of book I’ve written and published (I write business books as well as creating planners, journals and notebooks) I still get goosebumps when I receive the ‘Congratulations! Your book is now live on the Amazon store’ email. And I have no doubt that you will feel the same. So make that commitment to publishing today and start taking action!


Keep up the good work!


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