Working with a book mentor could be just what you need to help you finish writing your book.

Most people want to write a book.

Many succeed.

But far more never get to realise their book dream.  And this isn’t because they’re not that great at writing, it’s more likely because they don’t know how to:


  • start that first sentence
  • make their book a priority
  • keep up their writing momentum/stay in the flow
  • silence their inner critic when it fires up
  • write that first draft without editing
  • create and plan a realistic writing schedule to get from start to finish
  • find time every day to write (and yes, even 500 words is a step in the right direction if your schedule is crazy)


That’s where I come in.  As a book mentor (who specialises in all things spiritual kind of books) I can help with all those annoying (but very normal) obstacles that prevent you from writing your book.


There are many benefits to working with a book mentor instead of writing solo. Here are my top 10.

1. A book mentor helps you overcome mindset wobbles.

So when you’re thinking you’re not good enough to write your book, or that no one will even want to buy it, a book mentor can reassure you that while this is a very normal wobble, these thoughts are simply untrue.


2. Working with a book mentor reduces overwhelm.

When you’re consumed with overwhelm at the thought of writing an entire book, a book mentor can dissolve these feelings. If you work with me, I’ll show you how to break down the enormity of the project into little chunks. I have a pdf to help you break down your chapters into paragraphs so you’re only ever dealing with one at a time. And I’ll teach you how to focus on this week’s goal, rather than thinking about the whole 30,000 words you’re trying to write.

3. A book mentor is also a great brainstorming buddy.

Writing a book by yourself means you’re coming up with some fab ideas but you don’t get to investigate them in any great depth. Bouncing ideas around with your book mentor means you can tear the ideas apart, elaborate on them, take them in a new direction, and/or get to the very crux of how to make them work.


4. A book mentor is usually an expert at finding mojos which go AWOL during the creative process.

I’m not going to wrap you up in cotton wool here, I’m just going to say it. You will reach a stage even when you’re working with a book mentor (usually about halfway through writing your book) where your mojo may disappear. Family responsibilities, an increased workload, or a chapter that’s just not flowing can be the root cause of missing mojos. Working with a book mentor like me, however, won’t just help you to rediscover your mojo (I have a whole Swiss army knife of tactics to find missing mojos) it can also set it on fire again, so you find a whole new burst of energy to work through the second half of your book.


5. Working with a book mentor gives you accountability.

Ever heard the saying, ‘A goal without a plan is just a wish’? It’s true. Without accountability, you don’t give yourself deadlines. Without a deadline, nothing has urgency. Without urgency, nothing ever gets done. So if you’re serious about writing your book, finding someone to support you could become your all-important secret weapon.

6. Your book becomes REAL when you’re creating it with a book mentor.

When you’re writing your book alone, it’s lonely. Writing is an isolating experience. You have no one who really understands your excitement, who gets as enthusiastic about your book as you, and that can dampen your spirit. Working 1-2-1 with a book mentor is a great outlet for all this excitement and these fireworks are also a key ingredient to getting your book finished.

7. You’ll keep up the writing momentum when you’re working with a book mentor.

There’s nothing worse than having a good old writing binge and making heaps of progress, and then not writing anything for another 6 weeks. Momentum is lost, you have to go back and re-read what you’ve written because you’ve forgotten what you’ve covered, and the whole creative process begins to drag. Working with a book mentor like me enables you to put a plan in place which helps you to write daily/weekly and keep you moving forward.


8. A book mentor can unstick you from your sticky spots.

Having someone to talk through your sticky spots (I’m not sure if this should be chapter 1… should I cover this briefly in chapter 3 or does it need a whole chapter to itself… I’m struggling with the word count on this chapter, what shall I do?) eases the pressure and helps you find clarity when it comes to writing your book.

9. Working with a book mentor is like testing the water before you’re finished writing your book.

Nine times out of ten, when I’m supporting authors to write their books, I know very little about their specialist subject. So, in effect, this enables me to point out sections which could be elaborated on (remember, the curse of knowledge means you’re not always conscious of taking things back to basics and sometimes this is where your readers need to start from). This way it’s far better because it saves all those rewrites if you’re asking beta readers for feedback before you publish your book. A book mentor is also your beta reader.

10. When you work with a book mentor, you significantly increase your chances of FINISHING your book.

And why wouldn’t you get it finished when you have 121 support, accountability, a brainstormer, a cheerleader, an obstacle dissolver, a planner, a sounding board, a self-publishing expert, and someone who wants you to finish writing your book as much as you do?!


I hope this has given you an insight into just how much a book mentor can impact on helping you to write your book.

If it’s something you’re seriously considering, then take a look at my Book Mentor 121 support.


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Good luck with your book!

Michelle x

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