Congratulations to my latest author, Mario Panayi, on the publication of What Drink Are You? his 6th book with me!

Just in time for Christmas!


What do the beverages that you drink
actually reveal about your personality?

Do you drink tea and/or coffee?
Perhaps a vodka or martini?

Are you hip and trendy with a gin?
Or maybe just a beer drinker?

This is a hilarious take
On your characteristics
Just based on what you drink

Over 100 poems.
Including allegory poems.

Find out if you are
Boring and dull
Or sexy, hot and desirable

After reading this collection
Will you stick to your usual drink?

Or will you change your drink?
Hoping for a brand new and invigorating image.


Here’s a free sample:

What drink are YOU?

Do you know what drink defines your character?

Are you as transparent and clear as Vodka?

Perhaps a full of energy Americano?

Youthful and cheeky as an Alcopop?

A charismatic and flirtatious Flirtini

Bitter and sour as Amaretto

Sickly sweet as Southern Comfort

Salty and disloyal as a Salty Dog

A bright and colourful cocktail;

Spirited and effervescent

Sparkling as Prosecco

Strong of spirit like whisky

Rich and wealthy Champagne

Or a cheap party animal like Buck’s Fizz?

A smooth but thick Snowball

Macho as an Americano or beer?

Or girly girly as a Pink Gin?

A moody wine who can be

Sweet, medium or dry witted

Refined as an Earl Grey or a Lady Jane

Explosive as a French 75

Hot and steamy as a Café au lait

Perhaps a naughty Fallen Angel

A venomous and poisonous Snake Bite

Natural and authentic as Spring Water

Direct as a Straight Up

Or just a bog standard boring

Old fashioned style cup of tea?


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