Still thinking of writing a biz book?

Or non-fiction book?

But struggling to get round to it?


I think most of us are guilty… myself included… of letting our book-writing sparks diminish to ashes.

As entrepreneurs with busy lives, we all prioritise other things – the money-making tasks and the day-to-day minutia – and our writing a biz book dream ends up being pushed to the dusty corner of our mind.

I’ve heard (and used) plenty of excuses over the years, as to why people talk about writing their business book, but somehow never quite get round to it.  Here’s my top 10 excuses compilation – see if any of them make you smirk or nod your head or jangle that nerve….


  1. I don’t have time (red hot favourite).
  2. I’m RUBBISH at writing (particularly for those with limiting beliefs).
  3. It’s a bit indulgent when I should be focusing on making money (but isn’t this about making money for your future?).
  4. I CAN’T DO THAT! (It’s those limiting beliefs again!)
  5. How the heck do I even start? (Keep reading, I can show you how.)
  6. I’m not sure it would be worth reading, anyway – and what a waste of time that would be. (Most people start out thinking like this.)
  7. I don’t even have a clear idea about what it should look like. (I can help with this too.)
  8. It’s too big a task and hey, I’m trying to run a business here. (This is actually an investment in your business’s future.)
  9. What if it’s really bad? (I promise you it won’t be bad.)
  10. What if I fail? (But what if you fly?)


Any sound familiar? If you’ve got even better ones than these, please feel free to share them with me, by the way.


So, back to the excuses.

They’re great for padding down our little comfort blankets.

They keep us safe and warm.

They reassure us that this book writing idea is absurd and we’re far too busy to even think about it seriously.

So, yes, why don’t we wait?  We’re not saying NEVER, right?

Let’s wait until we’re not so busy.

Let’s wait until the children are off school in the summer.

Let’s wait until we’ve got x amount in the bank and then take a month off to write without worrying about money.

And that quells the fire for a while, doesn’t it?


But then we get a spark, and we can’t stop thinking about it.

The ideas pinball faster and faster.

The goosebumps start.

The cinematic images of holding your book high in the air in front of your audience, stood at a podium, play over and over again in our heads.


That excitement!

  • That satisfaction of showing people we’re super-duper experts worth investing in.
  • That pride in ticking off another longstanding bucket list goal.
  • That exhilaration of taking our biz off in another direction.
  • That confidence it gives us to put up our prices.
  • That pleasure from earning money while we sleep. Mmmm.


These feelings all just kinda make the whole excuse thing sound a bit flaky really, now, don’t they?

I know what sounds more exciting.


Let’s stop the excuses, stop waiting for the right time, and start writing your biz book today!


Just do it!


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