Congratulations to my latest indie author on the publication of her fantastic novel. 



World-weary retired police officer, Cameron Grant, has retreated from society. He likes it that way.

Thanks to the many professional and personal tribulations he’s experienced, his faith and trust in people decreases daily, so he lives a simple yet contented life in semi-solitude (with his loyal German Shepherd, Colin).

During a rare and reluctant visit to London to meet up with an ex-colleague, a beautiful stranger collides with him, knocking him off his feet and off kilter. He’s left reeling from the encounter and ends up in the A&E department of a busy London hospital – his worst nightmare. This gives him time to reflect on his life and see the person he has become from a different perspective.

  • Can he pretend this fateful day hasn’t happened?
  • Will his conscience let him ignore a young, vulnerable woman who is completely alone in a foreign country and fears for her life?

Of course not!

Deep down he knows he will do whatever it takes to help her. And if that means he has to play police detective one last time, then so be it. The journey he embarks on, however, is not what he anticipates.

Packed with secrets, lies, deceit and, let’s say, some unconventional detective work, his steady and sedate life is turned on its head. And not only does he learn a great deal about himself and the person he’s become, but he also sees the world through different eyes. Life, love, friendship and family take on a whole new meaning… but will this come at a price?

Find out all this and more in this refreshing contemporary fiction which will pull at your heart-strings from the outset.


Available in paperback and Kindle format – buy your copy here!



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