Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing a whole series of business books written by my authors. 



I want to show you that a business book doesn’t have to tick particular boxes (jargon-filled, aimed at the reader with decades of experience in that field, stuffy, dry, trying to be overly smart etc). A business book can be written in all kinds of ways and from varying perspectives. 



Gary Candlish – Care to Be Rich? How to Be Financially Free By Doing What You Love


I worked with Gary Candlish to publish his book on Amazon back in March 2018. His incredible story still brings back memories today, not least because he’s a north-eastener like me, but rather that his self-made story is one every aspiring entrepreneur should read. Inspirational, motivational and thoroughly entertaining from start to finish.


At the age of 39, Gary Candlish received a phone call from his accountant telling him he was financially free. He had enough passive income to maintain the lifestyle he wanted without ever needing to work again. Given that he grew up in a poor household in North-East England, and left school at 16 with few qualifications, this was a significant achievement – made all the more remarkable by the fact that his breakthrough stemmed from working in the private care industry. Obviously, Candlish’s financial freedom didn’t appear overnight, he had to work hard during those tentative early years when his care homes were half empty. But his tenacity and determination kept him going. He has invested in years of training and education with some of the world’s leading experts in personal development and finance. He also has a first-rate team around him, great staff working in his care homes, and his close-knit family who support him every step of the way. Care to be Rich? explores how ordinary individuals can find their own financial freedom by doing what they love. It guides readers through simple but powerful step-by-step processes to help them achieve their goals and sheds light on the ‘razor’s edge performance’ that is so vital to success. Candlish shares his story with honesty, reality and a genuine desire to help as many other people as possible to find their financial freedom. Because he knows that with the right tools in place, anything is possible.




What the readers think of his 5* book …

Loved this book! So detailed and some unique ideas. Well worth a read for any future business men or women ??

Practical advice, in-depth theory, great tools offered, a very good read.

Thoroughly enjoyed it, I have read similar books but found this one to be easy reading and realistic I have already started to change habits, well worth a read.



Whether you’re new to business or a seasoned entrepreneur so much of Gary’s story will resonate with you. Available in Kindle and paperback, click the book cover image above to find out more. If you’re writing your biz book and/or you’d like help to publish (or even write it) please get in touch!

Good luck.


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