6 Ways to Sort the Cynics and Crush Your Author Goals


It’s time to sort the cynics and get on with writing and publishing your book!

As an aspiring or debut author, taking a leap of faith is as daunting as it is challenging. In sharing your writing with the world, you’re already in a position where people feel free to criticise and share their opinions. But why should they? After all, when the cynics, naysayers and Negative Nancys fire up, they only serve to hamper your author journey. Nothing good can come out of it … or can it?


Keep reading to find out.


How can you deal with the cynics and crush your author goals instead?


First, you need to realise that you don’t need their pessimism in your life. You do not have to put up with it.


Second, work your way through these positive actions instead. You’ll quickly see through the fragility of your cynics’ opinions.


And third, with this new ripple of positivity running through your veins, you can get ready to crush your author goals. You don’t need anyone else’s permission to do anything, least of all the doubters.



Action steps to help you deal with the cynics




  1. Step Away From the Negativity

Put some space between yourself and those opinion spouters (and the dark clouds trailing in their wake). Giving them air time means you’ll only doubt yourself. If you cannot distance yourself from the Negative Nancys and naysayers (because they’re your family, for example), have an upfront and honest conversation with them. Be polite but firm. Share your opinion as freely as they share theirs. Explain that you can and will continue on your author journey without their support, but their discouragement is not welcome.


  1. Spend More Time with Your Supporters

Once you have pushed away the negative, surround yourself with supporters. Spend more time with other writers (virtually if needs be). People in similar positions will encourage you to believe in your goals, leaving you to be yourself and unapologetically go after your author dream. These cheerleaders will give you the reassurance you need to see you’re on the right path. They’re the people who will pick you up when times are tough and talk you down when your head’s up in the clouds. And, naturally, you’ll do the same for them too.


  1. Stop Justifying Yourself

You don’t need to justify yourself or your author goals to anyone. Everyone is different. Everyone has a ‘thing’; if yours is an unshakeable love for writing and publishing, then go for it! If someone questions your author journey, simply tell them writing is your passion and your choice, and continue happily on your path.


  1. Keep Schtum When the Cynics are Near

Don’t give the doom and gloom cynics any ammunition. Avoid talking about your author plans, books, and writing whenever they’re around. If they try to bring it up, navigate the conversation down a different road. You’ll feel so much better afterwards.


  1. Turn Their Doubt into Your Motivation

Do not let the uncertainty of others weigh you down. If someone doubts you, use that fire in your belly as motivation. Transforming their doubt into your raison d’être is the most satisfying thing you can do as a writer. If you have a competitive streak, then even better! Make yourself a promise to prove them wrong so you can sit back and bask in your success. And remember, what they think doesn’t matter.


  1. Embrace Solitude and Reflection

Keeping up the hustle to achieve your writing goals can be a lonely path sometimes. So make sure you give yourself plenty of downtime to reflect on how far you have come, re-evaluate your plan of action if needs be, and give yourself regular rewards to keep those motivation levels topped up. Scheduling this quiet time into your diary will also fill your cup and create space for new ideas and motivation to emerge.



As writers and creatives, we’re often our own worst critics. We beat ourselves up and give up just when we’re about to turn a pivotal corner in our writing careers. When we share our writing with the world, we often feel like having a duvet day and pulling the quilt up over our heads to stay ‘safe’ and ‘comfortable. But nine times out of ten, we’re amazed at the feedback we receive from those who matter.


It’s time to believe in yourself.


You’ll find naysayers in all areas of your life. They may be family members, part of your friendship circle, or a clutch of Negative Nancys you have to put up with at work. But this does not mean their feelings, opinions, thoughts should override yours. Don’t play small because of what others might say or think. Move beyond their negativity and crush your goals. I promise you’ll never look back again.


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 Happy crushing!



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