publishing your book in 2024





Are you serious about publishing your book in 2024?


Are you definitely, without a doubt, going to self-publish your book in 2024?


Then let me tell you about all the ways I can help.


– proofreading your novel (to remove those typos)

editing your book (to make your reading flow)

formatting your ebook (to make it look fab on any e-reader)

typesetting your book for print(to make it look beautiful in print)

designing your book cover (so it stands out from the crowd)

setting up your publishing account (so this isn’t the point where you give up)

writing your blurb (it’s all about hooking the reader)

researching keywords and categories (so your book isn’t lost in the ‘general’ categories)



Let me know if you’d like help with any of these elements (or all – my WHOLE SHEBANG PACKAGE) and we can have a chat.



Let’s look at these book publishing elements in more detail….



Proofreading your novel

Proofreading your novel is paramount if you want to show your readers you mean business. When I proofread your work, I look for typos, missing/incorrect punctuation and inconsistencies as well as keeping an eye on the storyline, characters and the credibility of your setting. And if anything jumps out that needs attention (say, a character name change halfway through your story) I’ll point it out.



Editing your book

Editing your book is basically making a great book even better. When I edit books, I do things like cut down your lengthy sentence into two or three short and pithy ones (particularly in a tense scene). I’ll pick up on any overuse of phrases and words (you don’t really need to add ‘that’ as often as you think), which may put off your reader.

And I’ll also weed out any repetition; it may be your message (said in two different ways but basically explaining the same thing), descriptive narrative (which has already been explained before) or using a full name (when a character was introduced a while ago and their surname becomes surplus as the reader is familiar with them now).

A well-edited book feels tighter, stronger and flows much better. And that boosts its 5* review potential.



Formatting your ebook

As well as adding a clickable table of contents to add to your reader’s enjoyment (and prevent KDP from highlighting a missing ToC as a ‘quality issue’), I’ll also make sure your ebook looks great, no matter how your reader is consuming it (ebook/Kindle/tablet/PC etc).

Your ebook can look just as good as your paperback when it’s formatted correctly.



Typesetting your book for print

As well as book editing, this is one of my favourite parts of the publishing process. Making your book look beautiful on the page already gives it a head start with your readers.

I’ll ensure the book is set out just like a traditional read – with the necessary prelims done correctly and in the right order. And I’ll design your chapter headings, body text and page numbers with just the right amount of space on the page to make them look professional and presentable.



Designing your cover

This is another element I absolutely love to take care of. I can create text-based book covers with thought-provoking backgrounds and graphics. And I also like to use photographs chosen by you and bring them to life using the best fonts, styles and colours for your book genre. You’ll receive five different ideas to pick from if you don’t have a brief to kickstart the design process.



Setting up your publishing account 

This is the part which usually stumps some authors. If form-filling and box-ticking give you a headache, I can help with this. And I’m also on hand to answer any questions if you’re publishing on Amazon KDP or Draft2Digital.



Writing your blurb

Again, this can become a sticking point for many authors. You’re brilliant at writing books, but when it comes to blurbs, you’re stumped. This is because you’re too close to your book to convey its biggest hooks that turn potential readers into fans. If this sounds like you, don’t worry. Help is at hand. I’ve written hundreds of blurbs over the past 11 years, so you can rest assured you’re in safe hands.



Researching keywords and categories

As with everything in the publication process, it’s important to find the best categories and keywords to help you get your book noticed (and not lost in the ‘general’ categories).

When we work together, I spend time looking through the best-selling books in your categories, and I run some tests to find out which keywords work best. That way, your book gets off to its best possible sales potential, and you can build on it from there.



I hope this has given you an insight into what’s involved in the self-publishing process and how I can bring your book to life. 


Bookmark this page in your ‘favourites bar’ if your book isn’t quite ready for publication yet. (By the way, many of my authors book their publishing slot months in advance, so it gives them a firm deadline to work towards. If that would help you too, feel free to get in touch.)


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Let me know if you’d like help with any of these book-publishing elements (or all – my WHOLE SHEBANG PACKAGE) and we can have a chat.



Good luck!


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