Once you begin your research into self-publishing you’ll come across so many new terms. It will be like learning another language – I kid you not!


And while it’s fine for people like me, who work in the publishing industry, it’s not so appealing for aspiring authors who just want to get their books published and ready for sale.

That’s why I thought I’d put together a handful of basic self-publishing terms (so as not to be the cause of too much bamboozling) to help you through the first hurdle. Because the last thing you want is to get disheartened by the self-publishing process and miss out on an exciting author adventure.



Self-Publishing Terms Made Easy


  • Formatting 

    If you intend publishing your book on Amazon Kindle amazon.com/ your book will need to be formatted correctly so it reads well. In a nutshell this usually includes adding a clickable table of contents, ensuring all chapters start on a new page, inserting images and creating clickable hyperlinks if you want to drive traffic to your website, for example.


  • Typesetting 

    Self-publishing in print?  Then your manuscript will need to be typeset. A well typeset book will have well presented headers and footers, good margins, an easy-to-read font and a new chapter starting on a new page.



  • Print-on-Demand 

    This simply means that copies of your ready-to-print books (which are stored in a cloud in electronic format) are printed (either via KDP, Lulu, Lightning Source or A.N.Other POD platform) when someone puts in an order for a hard copy.


  • E-books

    This is the shortened term for ‘electronic books’ so anything you read online which isn’t in physical form is an e-book.


  • Blurb 

    A blurb is the description of your book which would normally be on the back cover of a paperback. If you are self-publishing in e-book format only then this blurb can be tweaked to create your Amazon, iBooks and/or Kobo description too.


You will stumble across many more self-publishing terms as you climb deeper into your indie author (independent author) adventure, and down the rabbit hole of self-publishing but for now, these should shed some light on the most frequent ones.


Feel free to leave a comment if you’d like me to explain more self-publishing terms (in layman’s/woman’s terms).


I can help with all aspects of self-publishing, so if you’re serious about realising your author dream (and you prefer writing to learning a whole new skillset) then do get in touch.  Whether you want help with proofreading, editing, formatting or typesetting or you want a professional to upload your book to the Amazon bookshelves (and now that it’s all been done correctly) I’m your girl.


Happy self-publishing, and good luck!


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