NOW really is the PERFECT time to write your biz book!  Not least because it’s September… the new January… and this is your last three months to prove you can do it. 


But also, my friend, it’s because…


You’re reading this <so what does that tell you?>

If the biz book seed hadn’t been planted, you’d have scrolled straight past this. But because it’s caught your eye and given your subconscious a little whirr, I’d say it’s a sign. Wouldn’t you?

And you’ve already come so far…

How long have you been an incredibly awesome expert now? How much time have you spent learning your skills, honing your craft and building your reputation? How much longer do you have to keep trying to prove that you’re worth your weight in gold?  The time has come to consolidate this gift of yours, and get it in front of everyone who’s waiting to hear from you. Writing your book takes so much of the hustle pressure off because your awesomeness is there for EVERYONE to see, without you having to tell them.


You’ve been thinking about writing your book for eons

It’s not joke.  Seriously.  How long have you been thinking, talking, procrastinating now about writing your book?  Hot air and no action gets pretty frustrating after a while, right? So why not establish yourself as someone who actions their dreams, be an example, and reach out to your tribe (you know they’re desperate to hear from you).

There is no ‘perfect’ time, so choose now, seize the day

Yes, it’s an oxymoron but what the heck.  Today IS as close to the perfect starting day as it’s ever going to be.  So seize the day.  Say yes to the book. And start brainstorming those ideas right now.

It’s your time to shine

You know what your life purpose is, so let’s take a look at the bigger picture here.  Move away from the day-to-day minutia. Think about how you’re raising the consciousness of the world, contributing to society, reaching out to your followers and becoming a magnet to those who haven’t found you yet.  Think about those lives you can change, those businesses you can transform and how you can impact on so many more lives. It’s really your time to shine.

So what do you say?

You going to make that start?

I hope so.

And if you’re really serious about this, then let me help you fulfil this dream of yours.

You see, I’m thrilled to share my programme with you.

This programme will hold your hand and take you step by step through the whole creation process. You’ll be able to write your 30,000 word biz book as painlessly as possible, in just a few weeks (and without it taking over your whole life).

You’ll learn how to: 

  • lay the foundation for your book
  • tame all those ideas that are whizzing around all over your head
  • get clarity over your book topic
  • break down the book into chapters
  • brainstorm your chapter content 
  • pinpoint the length of your chapters
  • breakdown each and every paragraph for your chapters <yes, it really goes into this much depth!>
  • and add a few sneaky marketing tricks in there too, so when your book’s published, your readers won’t be able to resist pressing the BUY NOW button.


So even if you think you’re not the best writer, this blueprint takes away all the pressure.  No more worrying what to write about, no more stalling at stumbling blocks, no more putting it off. 


There’s heaps of stuff in here from practical advice, 1-2-1 and group support, and a very special bonus vault to help with your mindset wobbles too. So overwhelm, fear and procrastination are all squished before they snowball.

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