My Meditation Journal: Guided Questions and Prompts to Capture Your Thoughts, Feelings and Experiences After Meditation Practice

My Meditation Journal is a workbook/notebook/diary  designed for you to capture your thoughts, feelings and emotions after meditation practice.

If you’re experiencing a spiritual awakening right now, your meditations and dreams will be playing a big part in your growing awareness. And this meditation record-keeping book allows you to record every part of your incredible journey.

You won’t forget a single detail about your meditations, your spirit guides, and any connections you make from a different realm because now you have your private diary to write down your most precious dreams and meditative experiences forever. And this can only help you grow and connect on an even deeper level.

This notebook/diary has 7 prompts to help you dig deep into your meditation and space for you to reflect on the finer details, and just think… once you have written up your 60 most precious meditations, you’ll have plenty of content to write your own meditation diary and share that with the world too.

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