The Write Way to Be Happy Journal: The Beginner’s Guide to Starting a Successful Journaling Habit.


Life can knock us sideways sometimes, can’t it?


Just when we’re plodding along nicely, and minding our own business, bam! Something lands in our laps, determined to spark bad moods, negativity and draining mindsets.  We end up being someone we don’t like. We have kneejerk reactions which fuel the fire of negativity even further. We feel guilty, annoyed with ourselves, and sad once we’ve eventually come out the other side.


But do you know we can still choose to be happy instead? However much the bam! Impacts on our lives?


Happiness is a choice.

We don’t have to surrender to negativity. Happiness is just a mindset shift away. And if you want to attract more happy into your life, journaling is a simple way to begin.

Journaling helps with all kinds of emotional challenges – depression, anxiety, grief – as well as physical and psychological challenges – weight loss, stress, mindset. It’s a fantastic writing tool which navigates you through the chaos of your hectic life, so you can find your way to calm and happy.

In fact, it’s well-known that people who journal regularly report having less stress. That’s great news for our mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. And journaling is way less expensive than hiring a therapist!


Journaling is for everyone.

It’s not just for the woo-woo variety, or people with an infinity for pixies, unicorns and a bit of fairy dust, journaling is for everyone and anyone.

Whether you’re a writer, a creative, into mindfulness, a beginner at journaling and looking to attract more happy into your life, or you want to grab some daily me-time and prioritise you for a change, then journaling will work for you.


Journaling is meditation on paper.

Keeping a private journal means you’re the main star of the show. You can bare your soul, and share your deepest secrets and feelings, without the fear of being judged.

Your journal is your place to write down your dreams and wishes, and plan your positive path forward.

It’s YOUR time to focus on you without any interference from the outside.

It’s YOUR chance to look inward, notice things about yourself and your daily life that you’ve probably been too busy to notice before.


So why not start journaling today?

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