The latest in my Indie Author Interview Series… Clare Armstrong, Author of The Rockstar That Stole My Life, Allegedly!


Congratulations on the publication of your debut novel! It’s fantastic and I’ve seen you have 5* reviews already. How do you feel?

I mostly feel a sense of relief, as this project proved to be unnecessarily and even unfairly burdensome.


That’s good. I know it was a labour of love for you, so I’m pleased to have been able to help you publish.  So… what can the reader expect from your novel?

The reader should expect the unexpected.  Sometimes fact can be far stranger than fiction.


Oh, I like it, and now that I’ve read the book, I know exactly what you mean here. Can you tell us when you started writing your book and did you just decide one day that you were going to bring it to life?

I began writing the first draft of the book in November 2015.  I had the idea about a year prior, but I was resisting the idea.  It was a ‘master plan’ of mine.  But anyone who truly knows me knows that I have yet to have a ‘master plan’ that didn’t somehow backfire.  This was no exception!


Now that you’re at the other end of the writing and self-publishing process, do you have any advice for writers who are thinking of becoming an indie author?

I think we must always trust our own intuition and not let ourselves be swayed by the opinions or expectations of other people.  Whatever we can dream, we can achieve.  And sometimes universal forces will step in to help us make the seemingly impossible become possible.  Doing things for ourselves, like self-publishing, means that we can hold the reins and have more control over things.  That’s a good thing because sometimes the people that we look up to in life, are looking down on us.


Yes, I totally agree there. And finally, do you have any more books in the pipeline? (I really hope so, by the way!).

I am interested in telling more stories in the future, and I am working on some new things.  I am interested in seeing what windows of opportunity the hands of fate may open for me in 2019.



Fantastic, thanks so much, Clare. It was wonderful to work with you and I do hope your book receives the success it deserves.

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