Welcome to another in the Indie Author Interview Series, this week it’s all about Cassandra Farren. 


Cassandra is an author, mum, and she mentors heart-lead authors who want to share their journey by writing a life-changing book. Her mission is to create a new generation of heart-lead authors who make a difference to the world, one book at a time.


Hi Cassandra, and welcome. Thank you for agreeing to this interview. First things first, congratulations on becoming an indie author again!  You’ve clearly been bitten by the book-writing bug now, haven’t you?  Can you tell us a little about the three books you’ve written?

Hi everyone, my name’s Cassandra and I am addicted to writing books!  My first book, The Girl Who Refused to Quit, is the true story of my life. I share the very real, raw and relatable journey of how despite many setbacks in my career and personal life, I overcame adversity and refused to give up. My second book, Rule Your World – Reduce Your Stress, Regain Your Control & Restore Your Calm is a self-help book which shares the 7 rules I followed which enabled me to rebuild my life when it unexpectedly collapsed for the third time in 2016. My third book, Share Your World – How to write a life-changing book in 60 days is a positive and practical guide for aspiring authors who want to write a book about their life but have struggled with the fear and overwhelm of not knowing where to start and how to overcome those naughty inner demons that are holding you back.


What is it you love about writing and publishing books? 

I love the deep connection that is made between myself and the reader. Despite not physically being with them in person they can still experience profound insights and transformations.  Writing my books has given my life meaning as it has helped me to see how my past, present and future are all connected. Knowing that my life experience has helped others to get through challenging times has helped me to heal and to make peace with my past.


Can you tell us a little about who your books are written for and how they will help your readers?

My books are written for busy women who are at a crossroads in their life or who have had an expected life challenge arrive at their doorstep. I write from my heart and don’t hold back. My ideal reader wants to read a real and relatable book with no fluff. . I don’t promise to have all the answers, but my books will give them hope and courage to take one step at a time and help them to believe that there is light at the end of the tunnel.


Now you’ve experienced the excitement of becoming a self-published author, what would you say to others who have a book in their head but can’t seem to get it out?

My first piece of advice is to ‘find your why’ ask yourself why is it so important to write your book and why is it so important to write your book now? It is imperative that you connect to your ideal reader on a deep emotional level so that your heart feels like it will burst if you DON’T write your book. Take yourself and your ego (we all have them!) out of the question and focus on what your ideal reader needs to know and how do they want to feel. Visualize someone telling you that your book has changed their life and how it will feel to receive your first 5* review.


Not sure if this is bad timing given that you’re in the final throes of publishing your latest book but do you have any more books planned for the future?

I may be a little crazy, but I am so excited to get writing again. I want to extend The Girl Who Refused to Quit, as so much has happened since this was published, and then I will start writing my fourth book which is already planned so watch this space!


Thanks very much, Cassandra, and all the best with your book sales!


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