Elizabeth Zigor: Octogenarian, Indie Author, and All-Round Inspirational Lady


When Elizabeth rang me in 2015 to see if I’d be able to help with publishing her memoir, I jumped at the chance. You see, I’ve always loved anything and everything book-related that’s set in or around the Second World War. I used to love watching TV programmes such as How We Used to Live’ The Sullivans and Shine on Harvey Moon which I watched as a teenager. And Elizabeth’s memoir – from our initial conversation – seemed compelling, not least because it was her personal story, but also because I knew she’d be able to transport me back to an era which always piqued my imagination.

Here is a little insight into her first book (the second one – which covers her life from the 1950s onwards is halfway written):


If you love memoirs from WW2, you will love this fascinating book.

It could easily be mistaken for an entertaining and moving novel, but it is, in fact, an intriguing memoir of a (now) 85 year old, who has decided that now is the time to share her stories – and she holds nothing back.

Spanning the first two decades of her life in war-torn England, the author’s evocative stories and insights transport you effortlessly to WW2 and a world where life was so incredibly different.

She shares her childhood memories of living with a mother who expected to be waited on hand and foot, and who showered her son with love and affection, but treated Elizabeth as the (unpaid) hired help, with tact, honesty and matter-of-factness. Imagine an 11 year old running an entire household these days?


Anecdotes about her absorbing family history, and how The Depression impacted her family first-hand make for moving reading. And stories about her experiences throughout school, complicated family relationships, being evacuated, her hard-working father, her first job, the dances, her friends, boys, a terrifying motorbike accident, and her wedding, all culminate into a thoroughly entertaining read that will keep you gripped from start to finish.


This plethora of stimulating stories, the social history, the war commentary and the ability to read about a little girl who plods on regardless, grows up and gets married, aren’t the only elements which make this book so captivating. If you take the time to read between the lines, you’ll see that Elizabeth Zigor emerges from the odds stacked against her because of her resilience, and strong character. Her independent streak serves her well, and regardless of how many times she finds herself on a sticky wicket, she always somehow manages to manoeuvre her way off it. And without a doubt, you will find yourself eagerly cheering for her from the sidelines.


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