How the heck can I find time to write my business book?

You CAN find time to write your book.

Making Time to Write Your Book


Writing your book isn’t going to happen overnight, you know that. But it’s important to realise that you’re not going to magically find time to write your book either.


So if you’re thinking…

‘How can I MAKE time to write my book?’

keep reading to discover my 5 top tips to help you do precisely that.


1: Delegate anything and everything

If you’re going to carve out regular, quality writing time then something has to give. So get delegating. Could you delegate some of your chores? Could you outsource some of your core business tasks to a VA for a couple of months? Could you hire someone to help write your book (or do the editing or research)?

Remember, you’re not Superwoman/Man, (despite your brilliant impression). So don’t beat yourself up about the whole ‘asking for help thing’. It is a temporary solution and the more time you can devote to it, the better the results. So remind your inner chatterbox of this if it jumps on its soapbox. You’re giving your writing priority over the regular stuff and this is great.


2: Prioritise your writing

For once, try and forget about your usual habits, ie popping up to make the beds when you get back from the school run, or putting in a load of washing before you can focus properly on work. Instead, just leave all that. I know the inner chat might pipe up but remember this mantra, what you prioritise will progress. And right now, your writing needs priority.



3: Get up an hour earlier and just write

Don’t check your phone, don’t turn the internet on, just write.  (Obviously, grab a cuppa – I would NEVER recommend trying to write without a steaming hot brew on your desk.)  If you can write for this whole hour, without stopping to edit/backtrack, your productivity levels will grow day on day and week on week. And that first draft will be ready before you know it.


4: Flex your writing muscle as often as possible

Practice, practice, practice. Stop faffing around on Facebook (in the name of ‘work’) and losing, like, a whole hour (how does that happen?) that could be spent much more productively. Cut back on your client appointments if you can, scale back your diary so that it’s full of appointments with yourself (and your book preparation) and dedicate that time to writing.  See that cancelled discovery call as a gift from the universe and get flexing.

5: Dictate your book

Some people are natural speakers, others prefer to write/type their words. So if you’re a better speaker or storyteller, than you are at writing or typing, why not try dictating your book? Hire a transcriptionist to type it up and then pass it over to a content editor/ghostwriter to add some sparkle for you.


Remember there will never be a right time to write your book.  Perfection is overrated. Productivity and prioritising are key to making progress.  And if that fire in your belly is strong enough, you’ll make sure you find the time to write your book.


Good luck!


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