I’m so happy that “The Book of Adam” has been published this week. Not least because its author, Adam Wayne Farley, is an inspiration (and all-round lovely guy) but also because I think this book marks a huge milestone in his journey through life.


I AM, Myself, & Me by Adam Farley



Adam found me via a client and friend, and he’s the first author I’ve worked with from the USA – Arkansas, to be exact. We managed the time differences, no problem, and the kindle book and paperback versions were proofread, formatted, typeset and uploaded to Amazon KDP within just a few weeks!


His story is moving and motivating, and precisely the kind of book which needs to be read, reflected on and re-read time and time again.


Here’s the blurb – I’m sure it will pique your interest if you’re fascinated by the human psyche and the spiritual realm.


I am a dichotomy of a human being, created and wonderfully made of a yin and of a yang, of “a right” and of “a wrong.” I am a duality of light and of darkness; a combination of both good and evil. I am One in the two; separated but whole, and I am a shattering completion in the glass.


I have come to an understanding that we are spiritual beings in a physical body, and because of the body, it is natural to view this world through physical eyes. It is how we see.


However, there is a difference between “physical sight” and “spiritual vision,” and for one to gain access and become One with the Kingdom of Heaven, he or she must simply adjust their view of this Kingdom here on Earth. They are parallel Kingdoms indeed.


The picture on the cover of this memoir was taken in a broken mirror that was lying on the streets of West Hollywood, California. And unlike most snapshots in the entertainment capital of the world, this one has not been photoshopped.


I have suffered three extreme relapses to drugs and alcohol since this photograph was taken of myself in 2015, and multiple ones prior to this date; predominantly due to my own, personal 30-year struggle with alcohol, Xanax, cocaine and methamphetamine addictions.


I have come to, yet another, great understanding that I do not have to condemn or hate my entire being when only half of my anatomy is worthy to be discarded and abhorred. Surely, if you are like me; addict or not, you understand the darkness as opposed to the light. If so, will you PLEASE consider my heart, for it has been poured out and “fearfully” spilled onto the pages of this memoir unto thee.

Here’s to great success, Adam! You so deserve it!



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