Heart-centred entrepreneurs? What’s that all about then?


It’s a term you’ll probably come across many times a day, and from what I’ve read online, the words ‘heart-centred’ and/or ‘soulful’ seem to conjure up quite a marmite reaction.


However, as a happy soul who fits comfortably within this whole HC vibe, I’ve joined a lot of social media groups based on this approach, and built up quite a picture of some of the typical HC entrepreneurial traits.


From what I’ve gathered HCEs are all about authenticity, money isn’t their biggest priority or benchmark to success. They tend to choose serving others over piles of profit, and they come from a place of giving.  And while all this is heart-warming in what often appears to be a cut-throat, money-centred world right now, we do still need to make a living.


But how do heart-centred entrepreneurs make a living without forfeiting their ethics?


Many HCEs struggle with the thought of selling and schmoozing. All the self-promotion and peacocking, the need to be in the spotlight and the pressure to shine brighter than the competition can just get too overwhelming. And all that essential-but-awkward business kinda stuff like marketing and preparing lead magnets and checking our conversion rates, can very often, lower our vibe.


So how can we overcome this?

How can we get our HC messages out there without feeling pushy or uncomfortable?  Simple. Writing a book. As a heart-centred and soulful entrepreneur, you could make a fabulous author.  Here’s why…


Writing and publishing your book can connect you with a global audience without all the need for ‘real- life’ peacocking and public speaking.


Writing and publishing your book (either by self-publishing or mainstream publishing houses) can propel your message around the world. There are more than 7 billion people on the planet right now, so doesn’t the potential to reach out to just a tiny percentage of these hungry souls give you the impetus to get writing?


Your book can introduce you to people who may never have found you.


Funny enough, the whole world doesn’t use Facebook or Instagram or Twitter or any of the other social media platforms that steal our time.  But a lot of these people, who are looking for the kind of style a heart-centred entrepreneur offers, read e-books and real books. So you have the potential to reach out to a whole new audience who may be desperate to hear from you.

Writing your book allows you to indulge in your passion and purpose.


And do you know what?  When you write from a place of passion and purpose (which most HCEs do) the results can be off the scale. It also makes your book easy to write <because you know your subject inside out> and consequently, the whole creative journey can be enjoyable <rather than a bind>.


Your book enables you to inspire in a powerful way.


If someone is reading your book from the comfort of their own home and at their leisure, they will be at their most receptive and relaxed.  So as long as your book is packed with rich content that can change their lives, or help them start their own transformation, or show them how to get from A to Z in the smoothest way possible, then you’ll be an inspiration to them. And isn’t that what being a heart-centred entrepreneur is all about?

Your book compels people to find out more about you.


How many times have you read a book, only to be so fired up by the content that you Google the author?  Then you might want to follow them on social media, sign up for their newsletters and visit their blogs whenever you need a vibration shift? This can happen to you as well.  Heart-centred attracts heart-centred. Emotional connections lay the foundation for long-term relationships. And the effects can ripple all the way through your business.


Your book puts you in the spotlight in a way you’ll feel comfortable with.


If you’re anything like me, then you’ll probably be a lot more comfortable to share your message this way. Rather than, say, becoming a keynote speaker at a global conference. <Although that may come in time.>



So is it time to start writing your book today?


All you need to do to get started is to buy a gorgeous notebook (preferably with sparkles on the front), switch off your distractions and download those book ideas.


If you’d like to turn your heart-centred gift into a tangible, viable book that can touch lives, check out my 30 Days to Write Your Biz Book programme – an easy, flexible, self-study programme to help you write your biz book with ease and confidence (and NO overwhelm).



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