***Congratulations, Eugene Francis-Williams***


I’m delighted to share another book that I’ve helped bring to life over the last few weeks.

A secret should never be shared but if the head of the mental asylum needs his perversion feeding he has no other choice. Although he’s not overly concerned. Those who’ve met the proverbial skeleton in his cupboard are too frightened to talk, too worried for their own safety, the doctor has made sure of that.
Bill Sweet has colluded with the doctor for years. A self-serving coward, he has been coerced into supplying him with the means to satisfy his deviance until one day the doctor demands the undeliverable.
But Bill has a problem.
When cowards want to kill they need a dependable accomplice, however, the one that Bill chooses could never be described as dependable. The one that Bill chooses is overflowing with anger, dripping with rage, emotions that are never conducive to reliability.
MAYBE is a story that takes you through an array of evil deeds and great kindness. Introduces diverse characters, some repugnant, although oddly, the reader may find sympathy for.
A quote from the novel: “human beings will always be mad and those who think they can cure them are the maddest of all.”
When you arrive at the end, maybe you’ll understand why.


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