Congratulations to my latest Amazon indie author, Darran Berry, on the launch of his new book, FROM IMAGINATION TO SUCCESSFUL PRODUCT LAUNCH. It was a real pleasure bringing this book to life.





In these uncertain times, one of the best ways to future-proof your livelihood and business is to start and launch a side project. Digital courses, physical products, 1-2-1 services and books can all create a sustainable income and stop you worrying about losing your job.

And in From Imagination to Successful Product Launch you’ll find everything you need to ensure you succeed, including:

  • An easy-to-understand launch toolkit which navigates you from concept to executing your game plan.
  • Insider secrets from a global marketing expert who has launched with huge success all over the world including The Big Five Construction Show in Dubai.
  • A highly effective 4-step framework that you can tweak for every one of your future launches.
  • Insights into setting up a social media planner so you can launch on each marketing platform with ease.
  • The competitive advantage you need.

This jargon-free gem of a book appeals to novices and experienced business owners, including:

  • budding entrepreneurs
  • working parents
  • single parents
  • housewives/househusbands
  • students currently in school, college or university
  • MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise)
  • and recent graduate students


Praise for the book:

“Darran Berry provides an effective hands-on guide to launching new products and business. The book avoids unnecessary detail and focuses on what really counts in successful business development. Written in an accessible style, the book should prove invaluable for all would-be entrepreneurs.”

Roger Bradburn, Chief Operating Officer & Director, Institute of Sales Management ISM

“Darran’s path-breaking book shows us the way to effectively launch new products and sustainable businesses. You will not find a finer, more concise and clear assembly of available knowledge on launching new products anywhere. A must read  for all budding marketers and entrepreneurs.”

Raj Achan, Senior Ambassador, Chartered Institute of Marketing

“Darran’s book is a current ‘catch all guide’ for anyone looking at developing an ache of a business, where they see now as a great time to launch, and need a trusted and experienced navigator.”

Katy Holmes, Marketing Manager, British Business Group Dubai & Northern Emirates (BBG)


About the Author:

Darran Berry, FCIM CISM is a Marketing, Commercial Sales and Business Development Specialist whose extensive career has had many interesting highlights. He has travelled to numerous international markets for the last 30 years to gather intelligence and accrue work experience. Darran’s favourite product launch success story took place live on TV in Addis Ababa.

No more rookie mistakes. No more failed attempts.  No more wasted money. The blueprint to a successful product launch is right here. Grab your copy of From Imagination to Successful Product Launch today and jumpstart your best project yet.




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