Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Creative Dads Who Write, Read, Blog & Love Gadgets


Here in the UK, it’s Father’s Day on 16th June and I’m trying to get organised. I usually leave it until the last minute but this year I’m changing tack and going all out to up my gift-buying game.

So I’ve spent some time on Amazon this morning. There’s plenty of cool stuff around for all kinds of budgets. And if you’re lucky enough to have a creative dad and/or a husband who loves techy things and gadgets, you’ll find heaps of ideas for the perfect pressie.

No more boring old Father’s Day – I didn’t put any effort in this year, well, I’ve been too busy – kind of gifts. Just useful, practical, enjoyable pressies your dad, grandad, stepdad, or honorary dad will fall in love with (and you’ll get heaps of brownie points for). Because they are worth it, after all.

These are affiliate links, by the way, so I will get a small pittance if you click on these links and buy anything.


1. Techbed Beanbags

Made in the UK – great feedback on Facebook – practical – from mini beanbags to keep your mobile phone seated nicely while you watch the football, heavy metal concerts and/or superbike racing (yes, I’m thinking of my husband here). Or for popping your tablet on or your Kindle or your latest book – whatever you’re glued to at the time. Better than aching digits! The luxury beanbags look gorgeous too.



2. Sketch Pads for Dads

Does your dad love to sketch? Does he fancy himself as a bit of a Rockstar? Is he a VW Campervan enthusiast? Does he love the great outdoors? Then take a look at these sketch pad ideas from ‘We Love Family Journals’.



3. GoT Book Boxset

Is Dad/Grandad devastated because Game of Thrones is finished? Then he’ll love this (and it will keep him quiet for a while too). Encourage Dad to indulge in the talented penmanship of George R R Martin and enjoy the whole series all over again.



4. No More Bad Dad Jokes

Time to up Dad’s game when it comes to joke-telling? Sick of hearing the same old jokes (that only he laughs at)? Then give him some new fodder. This 5* joke book comes highly recommended. Take a peep here.



5. A Special Parker Pen

There’s nothing quite like a nice pen, is there? And if your dad/grandad/stepdad is a writer, he will soooo appreciate this gorgeous Parker pen. Even better, grab him an extra special notebook to go with it.



6. It’s not a Man Bag!

It may look like a man bag but it’s actually a practical laptop satchel. Looks pretty cool, serves a purpose and isn’t bad for the budget either.


7. Revive Dad’s Artistic Skills

Sometimes when kids come along, dads (and mums too, of course!) don’t have time to indulge in their creative hobbies. So why not encourage him to pick up his paintbrushes again with this beautiful 104 piece All Media Artist Set from Royal & Langnickel? Smiles all round, I’d say.



8. Cute cuddly teddy bears are always extra special – particularly if Dad’s a blogger!



9. No more writer’s block

This Writer’s toolkit is just the ticket for dads who write. Help Dad get back into his creative flow with this fab little book of writing exercises, games and prompts. Guaranteed to put a smile on his face and a quick retreat to his writing cave.



10. Time to Get Fit

If Dad’s a writer, blogger, or has a desk job, he probably doesn’t move around as much as he should. Stop that midlife spread in its tracks by buying him a Fitbit. Tracks your heart rate, your sleep patterns, your activity (or lack of) and sends reminders (vibrations) to encourage him to step away from the laptop for five minutes and get moving every hour.



And not a sock in sight!
Hope you enjoyed that snippet of special Father’s Day gifts.

Until next time…


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