Did you REALLY write a book just to hide it in your drawer?


I doubt that very much.


Think back to when you first started writing your book.

All those ideas… the big dreams… the butterflies… the binge-writing sessions that kept you up ’til the early hours…


Now cast your mind back to when you finished your first draft.

How did you feel?

Relieved… exhilarated… proud… chuffed to bits you’d overcome those writing blocks and confidence wobbles….?

I’d guess it was all of those things, right?


So tell me, what happened next?


Why did you put your writing in a drawer and try to forget about it?


Don’t underestimate how far you’ve come. After all, finishing your first draft shows you bear all the important hallmarks of a successful writer. You’re:

  • resilient – you persevered through the tricky times and finished what you started
  • focused – you had the end in sight from the start and wouldn’t let anything persuade you to give up
  • organised – you set yourself word count targets and writing goals to keep you chipping away every day/week/month/quarter/year


So why haven’t you shared your writing with the world?


I’d guess it’s because you are:

  • confused – you don’t know whether to self-publish your book or try to secure a traditional publisher
  • worried – your book isn’t good enough, you’re not smart enough, people will laugh at your efforts
  • scared – publishing a book can make you feel vulnerable but take it from me, if you can get over this, you’ll wonder why you let fear stop you for so long – the flip side is SOOOO exciting.


And guess what? You’re not the first (or the last) writer to feel this way. What will make you different from the average crowd, however, is if you step up, be brave and kick those wobbles and blocks out of your way.

Don’t forget… you’ve done the hardest part, you wrote the book!


You can do the rest!


Whether you’re thinking of self-publishing on Amazon (or another print-on-demand platform), trying to secure a literary agent or you just need help, inspiration and motivation to take the next step, remember that you wrote your book for a reason.

Your readers are waiting.


Don’t give up on your book dream, get it published!


You love writing for a reason! Don’t give up!



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