Business Mums Who Love to Write #9: Rachel Hawkes


Hi Rachel, thanks so much for taking the time to join us!


First things first, can you tell us a little about you, your business, and where in the world you live?

I’m Rachel, Mum to twin 12 year old girls and owner of 3 businesses: Harmonia Therapies  – a wellbeing Centre, Buddha Buddies – teaching baby and kids yoga, and BBEd delivery yoga and mindfulness courses for primary school teachers.


How do you find the time to write when you’re looking after children, running three businesses, and keeping all those other plates spinning?

It’s always been a dream but I realized I had written so much for the educational courses that I could turn some of that into a book for parents. The juggle is never easy. I have always tried to work when the kids were at school but since starting secondary school I now have more flexibility.

The biggest challenge has been to take the businesses forward and not just plod along. Learning new skills and developing ideas is just part of being a business owner.



Do you have any writing projects/plans for 2019?

Lots for this year. Having Michelle help me publish my first book – mindful moments; a guide for parents. Getting my teacher training course accredited for Buddha Buddies, so that I can expand and develop the baby yoga and delivering more BBEd courses, taking these further afield.



Does the thought of self-publishing your book feel exciting or scary?

Honestly, I am very far out of my comfort zone. It is scary but also very exciting.


What advice would you give other Business Mums Who Love to Write who want to share their expertise by writing a business-related book?

It will always take longer than you think. Get some really good advice. Michelle has been fabulous, not pushy just supportive. Intuition plays a big role. If you think you have something worthwhile then go for it. In this day of modern media, what have you got to lose? Good luck on your journey and here’s to us mums who have plenty to say!



Thanks so much, Rachel. Best of luck with your fabulous work and books!


Being a parent today is no walk in the park. Our children are in a whole new world, facing not only more academic pressure and increased exams from a much younger age, but also the joys of social media. Of course, we want our children to thrive, socially and academically, but most of all, what we want is for them to find happiness in a stressful and, sometimes, overwhelming world.

Research is abundant on the many benefits of Mindfulness; boosting happiness, reducing anxiety and depression, improving focus and building emotional intelligence. All of the traits and skills that we wish for our children.

In Mindful Parenting, Rachel Hawkes, mother of twins, children’s yoga teacher and massage therapist, brings together some of the most well-known techniques to create 40 easy to use Mindful Techniques that you can share with your child.

Written in Rachel’s relaxed style, this book is easy to pick up and acknowledges the ‘imperfect parent’ in us all. Her varied approach brings a great sense of fun to mindfulness and the result is a wonderfully engaging collection of experiences for you to share with your child.

Dip in, or read it all the way through; the chapters are simply set, with styles of mindfulness that will appeal to children across a wide range of ages and learning styles

With the added benefit of a comprehensive resource list and lots of free downloads, Rachel has provided everything the reader needs to create their own ‘mindful toolbox’. Mindful Parenting offers ample material to keep any parent equipped with mindful activities well past the reading of the book. So sit back, take a breath and get ready to enjoy some fabulous Mindful Moments with your child.

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