Welcome to another in our series where Business Mums Who Love to Write share their productivity secrets and their passion for writing.


Hi Helen, thanks so much for taking time to join us!

First things first, tell us a little bit about you, your business, where in the world you’re from, and any book ideas you’ve got swimming around in your head.

Hi, I am Helen, a grounded Spiritual medium who offers women clarity and direction using my spiritual connection. Originally from Northwest England I now live in Perth, Western Australia. I work with women all over the world thanks to social media and modern technology. I don’t currently have any book ideas swimming around in my head, although I would never rule out another book.



Ah, so you’ve already written a book… can you tell us which genre your book is and why  you chose this genre?

I have written and self-published one book and I have the contents of a second book written. Both books are of a spiritual genre as this is my passion and the foundation of my work.



How do you find the time to start and finish writing your books, given that you’re a busy Business Mum?

I find once I have a book idea/concept then it plays on my mind until I put pen to paper. I don’t seem to be able to ignore it (trust me I tried hard!). So I know if it appears then I need to put pen to paper. As a busy mum, the only way I can find time to write is to prioritise writing and schedule it into my routine. I know once I do that my writing will flow and it will create more mental space for everything else us busy mums juggle in our day to day routines.



Great advice, Helen. When you start on a new project do you write regularly, say, daily/weekly, until you finish, or do you write more sporadically whenever you can grab a few spare minutes here and there?

I have touched on this in question 3. I find I need structured time and decent amounts of time eg: at least a couple of hours each block. That allows me the time to get in my flow and really focus. I find constant distractions or fleeting moments don’t support my writing practice. I have three children so I try to create blocks of time with minimal interruptions. That seems to work best for me.


What advice would you give other Business Mums Who Love to Write who have book ideas but can’t seem to start writing them?

If you love to write do it often, even if you don’t have a purpose for the words you are writing. Create time in your life for those things you enjoy. Work out how you write best. Can you utilise half an hour here and there or like me do you need more significant blocks of time? Once you know what you need work with it, commit to it. Protect your time and commitments just as much as you protect the time and commitment you make to others. Finally, get it on paper (or screen if that’s your thing). If you have the contents of a book swishing around in your head it’s taking up a lot of space and energy. Get it out of your head and on to paper, then you can plan what to do with it next.



That’s great advice, too. Thanks, Helen. Please share your social links so we can carry on the conversation!





Helen works her wonders with women who are spiritually curious or women who are trying to find their way in life. She shares practical and insightful messages from spirit, is a powerful healer and she loves to create all things spiritual in her ‘spare’ time.




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