Hi Jacqui, thanks so much for taking the time to join us!

First things first, you have children, a thriving wedding stationery business and a publishing company, how the heck do you find the time to write?

Hi Michelle, lovely to chat with you.

Writing, to be honest, has always been my passion, since a very young age and it has only been the last year or so I have made it my mission for writing to be a non-negotiable part of my day. Whether it be journaling, list making or planning my next writing project, I love the feeling I get from putting either pen to paper or keyboard to screen. So I suppose now I have made it my priority rather than just a hobby that I might like to do someday!

I love the ‘non-negotiable part of my day’ bit! Great advice! Can you tell us a little bit about you, your businesses, and where you are in the world?

Delighted to! Me? I’m a happy-go-lucky mum of 3 boys of varying ages living in Nottingham with my fantastic supportive boyfriend who also shares my passion. I have lived a quite colourful life until now and am happy to say it feels like my time to shine. After a fascinating journey with my main business I have realised that my wedding stationery business (under the name of Fuchsia Fairy), specialising in luxury wedding invitation and stationery design, can now sit perfectly alongside my heartfelt passion of the written word without being affected by the new venture. Mirrored Publications, the brand new business I have set up with my soulmate and now business partner Bruce, are here to shine a light on those wishing to share their stories in much the same way as I have, while inspiring others to be their true selves and live happier more fulfilling lives. Bruce has his own autobiography waiting to be published in the new year and we also have a lot more projects in the pipeline, it’s very exciting!

You published your first book in 2018 – a very personal and inspirational memoir,  if you don’t mind me saying so – how has this impacted your life? Would you like to share a few words about it?

That’s very kind of you. I feel I am still stepping into owning the impact this book has had on my whole world, I think! It’s an amazing thing to be able to say I have published such a book especially as I wrote it in such a short time (5 months!) so the whole thing was a bit of a whirlwind. It has given me a whole new path that I know I am meant to follow and that of course has really shifted my expectations for the future. Alongside that, because of the writing it has given us a brand new avenue to explore for our business venture and I am so excited to see where this takes us. I love it when I talk to people about the fact that I have written a book they always look so impressed. To me, it comes so naturally so I kind of don’t get what the big deal is! But of course I love it that I can now say I have published my first book (and yes, there are more to come!)


That’s great news. I’m really happy for you. How do you stay motivated when it comes to writing and planning new writing projects?

All of my writing so far has flowed so easily. I tend to set myself a bit of a target every time I sit and begin typing (easiest way to count the words) but sometimes I like nothing more than to sit with a notebook and pen and let it flow out the old fashioned way and see where it takes me. I try not to think too hard about the writing, I always write and keep writing and then revisit it with a fresh pair of eyes later on, this way I get everything out of my head and can make sense of it (if indeed it does make any sense, as that is not always the case!)

If I am struggling for inspiration I take myself off for a walk and try to find some quiet time and to clear my head a bit. So far, it hasn’t been too much of a problem but I always follow my instincts and if I am not ‘feeling it’ then I step away and find something unrelated to distract me so I don’t get stressed about it.


What advice would you give other Business Mums Who Love to Write who are thinking of writing their first book?

If you are serious about writing a book, stop making excuses. That may sound blunt but its too easy to say you are too busy, or you don’t have the time. If it’s important, either for your own reasons, or significant to your business to step up and become an authority in your field, then you need to make the time. I began my memoirs by starting my working day a little later (being self-employed I have that flexibility) and getting the writing part done before I began the rest of my day. It was that important to me, that I knew I needed to make it happen.  It also meant that for the rest of my day, I had already done something far more meaningful and I had a feeling of fulfilment I never expected from it. Just go for it – get everything out of your head, then you can think about how it will all fit together. If you haven’t got a plan for how it will work, think of each piece you write as a separate to begin with, and then you can piece them together to make a whole. Make it an enjoyable thing you look forward to doing not a chore, and that will help you get past any stumbling blocks. Best of luck! You can do this.


Thanks, Jacqui. Excellent advice. I’m sure this will spur so many other busy business mums into writing.

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