Amazon Author Interview

JP Nunan & AE Bibi

The Last Christmas


Congratulations! Your book’s available to buy on the Amazon bookstore. How did you both feel to see it there for the first time?

We were super excited. It was like all our Christmases had arrived at once. Honestly, it was a dream come true.



Can you tell us about your book and why you wanted to write it?

It’s a heartwarming Christmas tale about a miserly millionaire who hates everything about Christmas, including Santa Claus.  She sets out to destroy the spirit of Christmas.  It’s up to her 9 year old Wolly to find a way to stop her.



Have you always been a writer / wanted to become an author?

JP Nunan actually wanted to be a journalist but lacked the qualifications to study. Cultural issues stopped AE Bibi from following a writing career but he has always had an overactive imagination. We were fortunate to find each other and be able to support each other’s ambitions.



What made you take that leap and publish your book?

We’d been talking storylines together for such a long time and one day just realised that talking was great but we needed to get it down in writing. We had lots of good feedback. We were shortlisted for a David Higham’s award but despite lots of effort we just couldn’t get that elusive publishing deal. A friend talked us into going down the self-publishing route and although it’s going to be tough marketing our book we are happy that we have got our book out there at last.



Me too. It’s a fantastic book. Have you any more in the pipeline?

We have a trilogy of children’s books about siblings, Harry & Dev and their adventures in the pipeline, which are awaiting editing.  We are aiming to self publish these in 2022


That’s excellent. I can’t wait to find out more.  What advice would you offer other aspiring authors who are thinking of self-publishing? 

It’s a minefield of information. Beware of ‘trolls’, they are everywhere offering advice at a price and they just want your money. DO YOUR RESEARCH and find people who are interested in helping you. People like you Michelle. But most of all keep writing. JUST DO IT.


All the best with your book. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!


You can buy a copy of The Last Christmas here:



A funny, heartwarming and magical story chockfull of festive charm and imagination. With Santa, hard-working elves and a few ghosts thrown in for good measure, it’s a taradiddle tale for everyone who believes in the magic of Christmas.

It’s Christmas Eve.

Santa’s making the last delivery of the night when he suddenly realises he’s missing a present for young Valerie Ainsworth. After some quick thinking, he leaves a gift on her pillow – the only thing left on his sleigh – because, after all, every good child deserves a Christmas present, right? As he heads for the North Pole with his tired and trusty reindeers, he hopes
Valerie will understand it’s the thought that counts.

Now a miserly millionaire, Valerie sits at the helm of the Ainsworth dynasty, hell-bent on making Santa pay for forgetting her that Christmas.

Her nephew Wolly and his grandpa Joe are about to embark on their biggest adventure yet as they join forces with Santa.
How will they foil mean-spirited Valerie’s evil plan to steal the magic of Christmas forever?







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