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A Gift of Leaf: Chronicles of Leaf Book 1




Congratulations! Your book’s available to buy on the Amazon bookstore. How did you feel to see it there for the first time?


I could hardly imagine it before it happened! After a good couple of years in the making, to see my own book published online, and then to actually touch it was amazing!

I really never thought it would happen, and I never thought I would be able to call myself an author. So woo-hoo!



That’s wonderful! It’s such a satisfying feeling, isn’t it?

Can you tell us about your book and why you wanted to write it?


Since college days I’ve been a big fan of science fiction and fantasy and marvelled at tales of imaginary worlds, so writing a fantasy novel, one of a series, seemed a good idea. And, as I have always loved books like A Wizard of Earthsea, The Borrowers, and The Chronicles of Narnia, I decided a fantasy story for young adults (and oldies) would be the best thing for me.

A Gift of Leaf is Book One of the Chronicles of Leaf, a magical world where trees grow high enough to stroke the clouds. Here a young drudge finds two odd stones and becomes a Mage when her dragon is born.

But an ancient evil is arising, threatening the long peace of the Tree Lands and all the folk there.

Can these two youngsters, the girl and her dragon, hope to find the only thing strong enough to defeat the Necromancer – the lost half of a powerful amulet??



Have you always been a writer/wanted to become an author?


I have always loved books and read everything I could lay my hands on from the time my dad read the unfashionable Noddy stories to me as I fell asleep on his knee.

I enjoyed writing stories at school but then my love of art took over and the novel-writing became something I would do eventually. But the desire to write grew as my family grew up and I had more time on my hands. Then I undertook a number of writing courses that further ignited my smouldering desire to write.



What made you take that leap and publish your book?


When I felt the manuscript was ready I wondered how to publish. Having had a number of rejections from agents for my previous novel, I decided it would have to be self-published. It was then I saw your Facebook page, which was so warm and positive, I decided to get in touch with you and the rest is history!



Have you any more books in the pipeline?


Yes, I am planning at least two more books in the series which will take Jinny’s story to a conclusion – and maybe more.



What advice would you offer other aspiring authors who are thinking of self-publishing? 


I think I would say that if you really have an itch to write, then just do it!

But writing a novel is quite an undertaking: the first draft is easy, but then when you look at it again you have to sort, delete, and embroider your work until it resembles something which can be read aloud easily, and can hold someone’s attention for as long as the story runs.

If you really have something to say, then you will keep going. My new novel has taken me two years plus, and the ideas were rumbling around my brain for umpteen years before that.



Thanks so much, H A May!


Very best of luck! It’s been a pleasure working with you and seeing your wonderful book come to life.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!





I’m no warrior!

I’m just Jinny Morai, just a foundling girl and slave, and I would give anything to be back with my family.

All I want is to escape my life of toil in the Holtanbore under the roots of the Great Tree and go home.

One minute I was trapped in the cold, filthy darkness of the Library caves in the black labyrinth. The next, in broad daylight, I’m the guardian of a baby dragon, being told that the future of Leaf (or its demise) is wholly my responsibility.

And now, apparently, as a Mage of the First degree, I have to learn to fight and fly, but as I’m scared of heights, who knows what will happen? And then I must find the other half of the magic Talisman to thwart the evil Necromancer’s designs while protecting my loyal, trusting dragon Sprout, who grows bigger by the day.

All this seems too much for an ordinary girl with a twisted leg, but I’m trying my best to block the menacing evil spirit from getting Sprout into his clutches to use him to destroy everything on Leaf.

Even though the thought scares me to death, do I say ‘yes’ to this quest?

Or will I walk a coward’s path and lay open all the folk of all the Trees of Leaf to his malevolence?



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